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Why Study About Death and Dying?

One of the most important things we can do to prepare for death is to think about it. Bring it into your life, and as Don Juan…

Give Sorrow Words: Creative Writing for Grief and Loss

Giving your sorrow words through creative writing. In grief, loss, and trauma writing helps us express and release feelings that otherwise have no outlet.


Experience Your Feminine Nature in Yoga

The feminine nature of a woman's body and her emotional makeup have unique qualities that need special attention when practicing Yoga.

Reducing Anxiety Amidst a Pandemic

Here we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and anxiety is through the roof! When we’re anxious, our breathing pattern changes. That’s why it’s good to take a break regularly and stretch your upper body. You don’t even need to get up from your chair.


Sacred Sounds, Healing Sounds

The use of sacred sounds for healing dates back to ancient civilizations worldwide. From chanting and mantra in Eastern cultures to the shamanic songs of Icaro in…

Chakras and Grief: Remembering Wholeness

How is the subtle body affected by life-altering and painful events? Learn from Karla Helbert, licensed professional counselor, Yoga therapist, and certified Integral Yoga teacher, as she…


Advice from Mataji: New Year’s Resolution

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? With 2020 less than a month away, many feel called to reflect on the past year and commit to a…

Living Yoga Training Program: Q&A with Alumni

The Living Yoga Training (LYT) program at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville is a twenty-eight day residential program designed for conscientious seekers to establish or deepen their practice. Within this supportive…


Five Insights for New Yoga Teachers

For those of you who are newly certified Yoga instructors and pondering ‘what’s next’, read today’s article about Tara Echenroeder and her five insights for new yoga…

The Value of Gratitude

Autumn has arrived to Yogaville and with it brings an abundance of reasons to be grateful. Fall foliage splashes the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with…


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