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August 2-4, 2024 | with Govind Das

Kirtan Training

Step into a world of bhav and devotion, join Govind Das of Bhakti Yoga Shala for this special Kirtan Training at Yogaville. Immerse yourself in a weekend of heartwarming connections and kirtan! Learn the basics of harmonium or take your skills to the next level, this training is for all levels of kirtaniyas! In addition to learning mantras, enjoy other Bhakti practices like aarti, japa meditation, inspirational readings, stories of the gods and goddesses, and so much more!

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Quotes From Sri Swami Satchidananda
"The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace. Therefore, live only to serve."
"As you think, so you become. Think well, you will be well. Think ill, you will be ill."
"Adversities are blessings in disguise."
"A sincere prayer that comes from a faithful heart can perform miracles."
“Always remember: "I'm not the body, not the mind, immortal Self I am! In all conditions I am Knowledge Bliss Absolute!"
"True love knows no bargains. It is one-way traffic: giving, giving, giving."
"God is like the sun, shining on everyone equally."
"When you give up everything, you get everything."

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