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Yoga Therapy Today

IYTh is based on the teachings of His Holiness Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj who taught that health and happiness are our birthright; our work is to undo the attachments and stressors that cause suffering.

Ahimsa and Environmentalism: Iana’s Solar Bus Story

Ahimsa is the Yogic principle of non-harm, from the Yoga Sutra’s Yamas and Niyamas. Essential for any Yogi, ahimsa applies to all our actions, not only with one another…


Non-Greed (Aparigraha): The Folly of Craving

If you’ve ever taken a class with Swami Karunananda, you know that she is a Raja Yoga master and a fantastic storyteller. That’s why we couldn’t miss…

A Yogic Adventure—for Kids!

What if your Hatha class took you on a fun-filled journey into an imaginative story? In Nitya’s classes for kids, that’s the reality! Nitya reveals what makes her…


The Secret of Silence

Know that you are That. Be silent and find such inner knowledge for yourself…In that silence, realize your true nature. There are no words to describe it.—Swami…

Key Teaching of the Month – December 2016

“You can never destroy the eternal one, the Self. That essence may be called by different names, but it is always there; you can never create or…


Key Teaching of Integral Yoga – November 2016

Learn to say: ‘Don’t want, don’t want, don’t want.’ That will make you someone who is above wants.

Key Teaching of Integral Yoga – October 2016

Do anything and everything with the idea of serving God, serving humanity, serving the world-at-large.


Key Teaching of Integral Yoga – September 2016

Can you imagine a life that’s always the same? Imagine that you would be always peaceful, always eating the same, doing the same things, smiling at everybody.

Key Teaching of Integral Yoga – August 2016

You don’t have to get health anew. You only have to renew the health that is already within you.


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