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Category: Integral Yoga Teachings


How to Practice Ha / Tha Yoga by Swami Asokananda

When we are truly in “the groove” in our Hatha Yoga practice, we can, simultaneously, experience stretching with intensity, as well as relaxation.

Lives of the Luminaries: Dr. Martin Luther King

“Even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream..."


The Core

Patanjali teaches that we are to master asana so that the body becomes steady and comfortable. Then, no longer a distraction, it even becomes a true friend for meditation.

The Best Diet by Dr. Amrita McLanahan

“No medicine is necessary for the person who eats after assuring him or herself that what has already been eaten is digested.”


What is Satchidananda? by Swami Satchidananda

It’s a combination of three words: Sat, Chid, Ananda. Sat means Existence or Truth. Chid is the expression, knowledge, of it. Ananda is the Bliss you get out of it. So Truth, Knowledge, Bliss is what we mean by the word Satchidananda.

Touching the Oneness by Nischala Joy Devi

According to Yoga philosophy, disease manifests not from the physical, but from the disconnection with our source or spirit. When we are able to remember who we are the healing is accelerated.


Special Child Teacher Training Transformation

Then we learned to chant “Hari Om” with the children. During the program, the children remarked that the mantra stayed with them day and night—that they were hearing Sonia’s voice even in daydreams.

Gems of Integral Yoga Hatha by Satya Greenstone

Sri Gurudev always presented Yoga as a comprehensive spiritual path not just a physical practice...This means developing a personal practice where one makes the connection to one’s own inner Peace on a daily basis.


The Benefits of Silence

Taking a silent retreat has lasting and profound benefits. Lakshmi Barsel (senior retreat staff) shares some of her observations from years of leading these powerful introspective programs.

Teaching Weight Loss Through Yoga

The first step of teaching Yoga for weight loss is to give students a practice that allows them to feel relaxation and peace


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