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Category: Integral Yoga Teachings


The Heart of Practice: Just Do It

The heart of this practice is simply repeating the Name over and over again. Everything comes from that because it is said that everything is contained within the Name.

Enjoying Meditation

As Yoga teachers, we tend to believe in the benefits of meditation–either from our own experience or from our faith in the words of the great Yogis. Yet when the time comes to sit still on our pillow, we may find that the mind is not very enthusiastic about the practice.


Raja Yoga: The Nature of the Mind

Our entire experience of life is determined by the condition of our mind.

Laugha Yoga

A wise man once said, "Seriousness is a disease." And, laughter can go a long way in curing it. Modern science is discovering the wonderful benefits of laughter and humor.


Key Teaching of the Month – April 2013

Key Teaching of the Month – April 2013 Work is Worship. “How do you “spiritualize” your duties, job, as well as any responsibilities in life? How do you experience the joy of service in what you do?”

Key Teaching of the Month – March 2013

Integral Yoga Key Teaching of the Month - March 2013 - Success comes from the practice of: Discipline, Devotion and Dedication.


Life’s Purpose

Have faith that your life is purposeful. There is nothing wasted in the Universe. Sri Gurudev explains in this video post.

Maintain Your Equanimity

Sri Swami Satchidananda shares how to make the world a better place by maintaining your own peace in this video.


Yogaville Meal Prayer

Learn the Yogaville meal prayer. Listen and follow along with the Sanskrit and English translation of this daily Integral Yoga prayer.

Challenge Makes You Grow

Life is a challenge. Without the challenge we wouldn't grow. In fact, everything grows because of challenges.


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