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Category: Integral Yoga Teachings


How I Became a Disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda

An Interview with Swami Asokananda Originally published in Namaste (The New York IYI Teachers Newsletter), October, 2012. Namaste: How did you first come into contact with Gurudev? Swami…

Charlottesville Tragedy: A Letter from Yogaville’s Executive Director

Hari Om Sangha! “Hating is worse than fighting. When you hate, you keep on hating. We are not going to stop everything in nature. But if you…


Sutras for Self-Realization

When Yoga practitioners want to expand their understanding of Yoga philosophy and explore the depths of the Self, they often turn to the Yoga Sutras. In the…


The teachings may vary, but the central teaching is always the same—to know our True Self.


The Dis-Ease of Busy-ness

Even when we are aware of our “busy–ness” to some degree, we feel unable to do much about it. We seem to have become human “doings” rather than human “beings”.

Business Yoga

Perform the work of your livelihood as Karma Yoga— selfless service.


The Purpose of Hatha Yoga

asanas and pranayama are needed to reach the goal of Raja Yoga (chitta vritti nirodaha).

Beyond the Insane Mind

Your association, your thoughts, your words, your music, your food, your exercises should all be producing a sattwic condition, a tranquil condition, to calm the mind and nerves.


Teaching Meditation in Hatha Yoga

By incorporating a meditative approach in your classes, you will help your students to go deeper in their practice.

Who Am I?

the ‘I’ never changes. It is eternal, ever clean, ever pure. It is never born, never dies.


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