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The World Will Take Care of You

Integral Yoga Teachings   |   January 17, 2012  |   by  Sri Swami Satchidananda

If you keep giving, the world will take care of you. If a cow gives milk, won’t the cowherd take care of her? If she doesn’t give milk, what would he do? Simply dispose of her. If a tree brings forth a lot of fruit, we take good care of it. We pour more water, nourish it, put a fence around it. But if it’s not bearing fruit? We chop it down.

Sometimes when we first offer ourselves to God we seem to run into problems. We may encounter suffering and losses. It’s easy to be devoted when we are always gaining from God. If our businesses thrive, it’s very easy to love Him. But if we offer ourselves totally to God and the next day lose $10,000 in business, we ask, “What kind of God is this?” The proof of our devotion is that we still love Him regardless of what happens. He may test us in the beginning.

But once that Cosmic Consciousness knows fully well that you are really offering your service and not expecting anything in return, once that is proved, then abundance will be with you. A person who is totally free from wanting will be wanted by the Higher Will. He or she will be taken care of by the Higher Will through friends and other people. You may not get proper care immediately, but it will come. God is never selfish. If you lead a selfless life, you are in God. When you have God, certainly everything else will be added unto you.

So don’t think that by giving yourself completely you are losing yourself. When a drop gives itself completely to the sea, would you say that the drop loses itself? Maybe the drop loses its name “drop.” It drops out as a drop, but it drops in to become the sea. So drop into that universality, and become one with the ocean of divine bliss.

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