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He and His Art Make the Heart

Integral Yoga Teachings   |   November 13, 2015  |    Sri Swami Satchidananda

he and his heart 1He and His art make the heart. He and His ad make the head. The head is only an advertisement. It is the ego looking for recognition. We can never become one in the head, but we can come closer in the heart. Hearts are soft and tender and understanding. When two lovers come together, they address each other as “sweetheart,” because the heart is sweet. Have you ever heard anybody say “my sweethead?” Never. The head can never be sweet. That doesn’t mean we should cut it off. It should be there, but let feelings take the lead and the head will follow.

Yoga goes down to the heart to make everything a yogic art. lt tells us to go in a little to see the heart. Then, from that level, we can function through the head. Look within. The kingdom of God is within you. The name for God in Tamil, a South Indian language, is “go deep.”

Real marriage is when two people agree on one goal or purpose in life. God has given us two eyes to see as one. In the same way, as husband and wife you are two but you should see as one. The two minds are the two eyes. You should have one goal and toward that goal you should both go like the two wings of the same bird or two oars of If your minds do not agree on one goal, then there’s no marriage at all. You’re simply living together for your convenience. When that common goal ceases to exist, so does the marriage. Then, instead of living together, constantly fighting and going off in different directions, it’s better to say, ”You take your life and go your way, I will go mine.” There’s nothing wrong in doing that. It’s much better than living in the same house and constantly disturbing each other. If you have different aims in life, each should have the freedom to choose what he or she wants. But at the same time, if you have children, I suggest that you wait and adjust as much as possible, for the sake of the children. Even if you have different goals, you both have a certain duty toward the children.

he and his heart 2Sometimes, when you are living together with the same goal and purpose, there still may be a little friction now and then. That kind of friction is good because life is dull when it is always smooth. A little pinching here and there is okay. I don’t say that a marriage should always be like milk and honey. lf there is no friction for a whole week, give a little pinch! But the friction should not continue for long. If a quarrel begins in the morning, it should end with lunch. If it begins at noon, it should end in the evening. Food without salt is tasteless; food with excess salt is also no good. A little bit of friction, like salt, will enrich your togetherness. But forget not that you have one goal—to progress, to evolve more and more and to express your divine identity. Feel that you are divine beings within. Help each other to refine yourselves. Live like god and goddess. That is why you take a vow of living together in the presence of God.

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