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Business Yoga

Integral Yoga Teachings   |   February 22, 2016  |   by  Sri Swami Satchidananda

Perform the work of your livelihood as Karma Yoga— selfless service. Do all work for the joy of doing it. Charge nothing for your labors; accept whatever you are paid. Choose to work for someone or something that is worthwhile. Offer your work, your energy to Him, It, God, the All, everyone. Tell the one who pays you, to pay whatever in conscience can be paid. If you need more than that to support yourself and your family, say so, and if necessary move on. Do your work step by step, in total patience. If you’re fired, accept it. Do your best peacefully.

If where you are working now does not have the best atmosphere, in time you can find more suitable work to fit your taste and temperament. Until then you can still work where you are and be a Yogi. Even if you sell steak or liquor, it doesn’t mean you have to take it yourself. As a Karma Yogi you serve there. Many people still love such things. Until you find better work, don’t leave your present post. If you don’t find something better right away, you won’t be stranded. Working in such a place could give you more mental strength. Following our principles while living in such an atmosphere isn’t easy. If you can do it, you are a better Yogi. In one sense, if you don’t believe in something you should not contribute to it. However, you cannot simply go without support. If you refuse to do something, that doesn’t mean the whole world will stop doing it. It’s the attitude in your mind that is most important.

In some cases, your conscience will make it very clear that you cannot stay, no matter what the economic situation. You should not sell your conscience for money. You may have to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t want this job. Money is not really important to me. I can’t do that.” Yes, you may even loose your job. It doesn’t really matter, just don’t lose your principles. Can’t you lose a few dollars? Which is more important–the money you get from the business or your own personal mental and physical well–being? Don’t think that money alone is going to bring everything. Many wealthy people are living in misery. However poor you are, your personal welfare is most important. Shun as poison anything that will interfere with your peace of mind. Everything has it’s own vibration.

If you resent your work or your employer, it is best not to stay. The work will not have charm or beauty. You can’t love the work, if you can’t love the person who gives you the work. If you feel resentment, analyze the cause. If you have a proper reason and can’t get over it, don’t continue there. A negative attitude will waste both your time and your employer’s time, because no matter how beautiful such work is, your vibration is carried with your work. If you type a letter with resentment, the letter itself will carry that resentment. Try to change your attitude, but if you really have a good cause for resentment, then change your job. Try to have a good and respectful relationship with your employer. Don’t always think the capitalists are out to get you. Without capitalists you would not even be working. The employer is there to give employment. It is his money and energy that started the place of work that now provides jobs. You give energy, but for that energy he gives you food. Have some compassion and understanding. If he makes a mistake, help him realize it by passive means; never though hatred. That’s Yoga in business.

You are the master of your destiny. You are the cause of your own poverty, wealth, or fame. Open a new chapter in your life. Choose your environment. Choose your occupation. Your temperament will guide you. As your life changes and as you grow, you may find your tastes and temperament changing. You may have been doing something different two or three years before, but now your inclinations are different. Let yourself do whatever comes naturally from within. You don’t need to copy someone else. If it’s your temperament, it will come automatically. Everyone has something special. Each person is unique. Nobody can occupy your position. Don’t put yourself down. If you believe in the Cosmic Will, you will discover that unseen hand operating through you. Allow it to work with you.

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