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Bhakti Yoga – The Path of Devotion

The word "bhakti" means devotion. Devotion cannot be compared with any other approach. It is something super. When you develop devotion you rise above all doubts.

Faith and Trust

If you want to have a prayer, pray to God to help you to always remember this Truth: that you are His child and He is taking care of you every minute.


How to Treat Family Members

When you practice Karma Yoga, a member of your family might say, "Hey, you're constantly doing for others. Don't you know that you have a husband, or a wife, and children? They are missing their benefits."

The Greatness of Karma Yoga

If you lead a dedicated life, peace and joy will come automatically. But without such a life, all your yoga postures, breathing, chanting, and meditation will be…


The World Will Take Care of You

If you keep giving, the world will take care of you. If a cow gives milk, won’t the cowherd take care of her? If she doesn’t give…

Faith and Trust

A sincere prayer will certainly be answered. If your prayer is not answered, don’t blame God for that. It simply means that you have not prayed enough.…


Karma Yoga – Learning About Yourself

Karma Yoga - Through service you can learn to recognize your own weaknesses and work to correct them.

The Benefits of Hatha Yoga

If you wish to eliminate the toxins that have already found room in the body, then Hatha Yoga can help. The Yoga postures and breathing techniques purify…



Ecumenism is Integral Yoga. Though we follow one teacher, we learn to respect all other teachers. The teachings may vary, but the central teaching is always the…

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