Dress Policy at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville

Dear Residents, Community Members, Employees, Guests, TT’s, and Program Participants,

Greetings of Peace.

The purpose of the Ashram is to provide a supportive environment for an easeful, peaceful and useful life based on the teachings of Integral Yoga, so that, ultimately, we can experience the highest spiritual realization. Swami Satchidananda said to achieve that goal, we need to maintain our natural condition of a body of optimum health and strength, senses under total control, and a mind well-disciplined, clear and calm. Everything we do – our spiritual practices, diet, and lifestyle guidelines – is designed toward that end.

With that in mind, we ask that all who wish to come to the Ashram please abide by the following Dress Guidelines. In general, clothing should be modest, clean and in good repair.

Everyone’s support is needed to maintain a yogic environment, and we thank you in advance for yours.

Swami Priyaananda
Office of Spiritual Development

Reverend Kumari de Sachy
Resident Services 

  • Tops
    • Tops: Men and women please wear modest (not low-cut or revealing) tops at all times
  • Bottoms
    • Pants: Please wear pants that are modest, non-revealing, clean, and without holes
    • Tights and Leggings may be worn if covered by tops that come to or close to the knees
    • Shorts for both men and women should come to or close to the knees
    • Short-shorts or miniskirts are not to be worn, even with leggings or tights
  • Appropriate Clothing for Sacred Sites and Special Events
    • If shorts are worn to LOTUS, Chidambaram, or Guru Bhavan, please cover them neatly with a cloth wrap. These are available at the entryway of the temples. Or, you can use a shawl as a wrap
    • For Satsang and special events, do not wear shorts. Please dress appropriately for attending a sacred event. White or light-colored clothing is preferred, but other colors are fine if clean and modest
  • Shoes and Bare Feet
    • Shoes are not permitted in Ashram buildings, except in the lobby and kitchen
    • Bare Feet: If you walk outside without shoes, please wash your feet or cover them with socks or slippers when entering buildings
  • Other
    • Swimwear is to be modest (one piece bathing suits for women and boxer style trunks for men) and worn at swimming areas only
    • Undergarments: Please wear appropriate undergarments
    • Scents: Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances like perfumes and essential oils

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