The Ashram is open for pre-registered program and training participants. No drop in guests or day visits at this time. | Ashram Update | Health Protocols

Health Protocols

We are currently open only to guests pre-registered for our programs. The Ashram, including our shrines, continues to be temporarily closed to the general public – we are not accepting any drop-in guests or day visitors yet. For more information, call us at 800.858.9642.

The following protocols apply to registered guests on Ashram grounds. We continue to evaluate all health policies as conditions change in order to best serve our visitors and community.

To help your experience with us be safe and rejuvenating, we will:

  • Require registration and testing prior to visiting the Ashram.
  • Conduct COVID testing for program staff and guests upon arrival.
  • Limit capacity in classrooms and dining facilities.
  • Make hand sanitizing stations available in convenient locations.
  • Maintain thorough cleaning and ventilation throughout our buildings.
  • Isolate guests or staff who test positive.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do:

  • Follow our guidance and pre-visit health instructions for keeping the campus safe and healthy for all.
    • Includes taking an at-home rapid test on one of the 3 days before your arrival day
  • Complete the check-in process upon arrival, including COVID rapid test.
  • Wear a badge to identify yourself during your visit.
  • Wear a face mask where requested. Masks are optional outdoors and during most classes and practices.
  • Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer before dining.
  • Report any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Choose another time to visit if you are not able or willing to abide by our protocols.

Closer and longer interaction increases the risk of catching COVID-19. Being up-to-date with vaccinations can help reduce the risk of severe illness.

Please contact us with any questions or information:

Pre-Visit Health Instructions
Incorporate best practices for COVID-19 mitigation in your lifestyle and travel, at least during the 14 days before you visit Yogaville.

Use prevention strategies when traveling As needed, wear a mask and use distancing. Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces.

Please reschedule your visit if, within the 14 days before your visit:

  • You are ill, experience symptoms typical of COVID-19, and/or test positive for COVID-19.
  • You have a known exposure to COVID-19.

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