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Are You Living Yoga? Or Just Stretching?

Programs   |   June 30, 2019  |   by  Yogaville

Yoga is much more than leggings, expensive mats, and contorting your body into complicated shapes. Despite its increasing popularity, western Yoga culture still tends to exclude many aspects of this ancient science. Luckily, Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville is committed to providing our guests with a holistic, well-rounded, Yogic experience. 

In a 2016 study, Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance found that the majority of Americans are practicing Yoga for flexibility, fitness, and improving physical health. While these are fantastic benefits that can enhance well-being, they only represent one small fraction of what Yoga is. In addition to physical health, Yogic philosophy addresses diet, psychology, how to navigate relationships, and all other facets of human existence! If you practice Hatha Yoga (physical asana) and are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the other limbs of Yoga, you may be interested in attending the Two-week Integral Yoga Immersion at Yogaville. 

While practicing Yoga at a studio, you may experience a blissful feeling after the class ends. But for many of us, that feeling doesn’t last long. Someone cuts you off in traffic, your boss yells at you, a co-worker makes a rude comment, and suddenly that peace you worked so hard for on the mat is lost. Our busy schedules make it difficult to incorporate the teachings of Yoga into daily life. By committing two weeks to truly living Yoga here at the Ashram, you will acquire many tools to help reduce suffering in your life. 

We are located in Virginia at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains, next to the James River. Simply being in this quiet, beautiful place will help to reduce stress and increase health (see this article about the benefits of silence). You will be surrounded by a supportive, loving community encouraging you on your spiritual journey. Unlike our residential teacher training, this Living Yoga Immersion is much less demanding. While you will learn about the deeper aspects of the practice, you won’t be tested on your knowledge and have to teach a qualifying class. This can lead to a much more enjoyable, relaxing experience.        

Mitra and Lalita, the presenters of this program, will be able to give you individual guidance. Not only with your physical asanas, but with any questions you have about integrating Yoga into your life. 

Living Yoga involves being present every moment of the day, trying to stay relaxed physically and mentally. It’s a moment to moment practice, which helps us do the best we can at our jobs, be conscious, and treat people lovingly. No matter what stressors enter your life, always have the opportunity to come back to balance. Yoga gives you the tools to do that.


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