Camp Yogaville is Integral Yoga® for kids—a week-long Yoga summer camp for children ages eight to twelve, held at Satchidananda Ashram – Yogaville. It’s a great opportunity for kids to enjoy a week in the country, learn about Yoga and have lots of fun doing traditional camp activities, such as hiking, swimming, sitting around a campfire and telling stories.

The kids enjoy non-competitive, stress-free camp activities filled with opportunities to share and relate in a yogic way. They practice daily Hatha Yoga, learn about Patanjali’s four locks and keys (from the Yoga Sutras) and experience the wonderful adventure of sleeping in rustic cabins. They learn a few Sanskrit chants along with their camp-fire songs and listen to wonderful stories of saints and sages from all over the world.

Camp Yogaville 6At Camp Yogaville, kids experience an environment where yogic ideals such as vegetarian diet and non-violence are supported and nurtured.

The food at Camp is prepared by cooks who make every meal a loving meditation. We can accommodate many different dietary needs including gluten free and nut allergies. Our cooks are very diligent in making sure that all the children get enough to eat.

Key Features

  • Enjoy 700+ acres for activities like swimming, hiking, and crafting
  • Learn about yogic ideals, like compassion and non-violence
  • Eat delicious, nourishing, and healthy vegetarian meals
  • Practice Hatha Yoga every morning
  • Learn about Pantanjali’s
  • Sleep in rustic cabins
  • Learn a few Sanskrit chants
  • Gain strength, confidence, and peace

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