Prema Mayi

Prema Mayi has been practicing Bhakti Yoga for over 40 years. While living in ashrams, she studied the arts and philosophies of the Vedas under the guidance of S. Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja. Prema offers her students an opportunity to discover natural inner wealth through the exploration of their own voices. She travels around the world sharing these ancient gifts.

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Events with Prema Mayi

The Art of Prayer
December 6, 2019

Immerse yourself in sacred sound and mantra study, discuss philosophy, enjoy Yoga, and practice meditation. Experience the intimacy of music, poetry, mandalas, and storytelling as foundations of meditation and spiritual practice. Prema Mayi has lived in ashrams extensively in the West and India, studying with great masters the intricate philosophy, music, and arts of ancient Vedic culture, allowing her to give participants a true experience of spiritual upliftment and inner wisdom. Together with Eric Archer, they craft an experience through art, poetry, mantra, music, meditation, and Yoga.   This weekend, you will: Immerse yourself in sacred sound and mantra study…

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