Louis Mahadev Carlino, M.A., LPC

Mahadev is a certified Integral Yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of training. From 2001 through 2006, Mahadev lived at Satchidananda Ashram—Yogaville, where he led teacher trainings at all levels. In 2009, he earned a Masters’ Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. He has developed a style of psychotherapy informed by the teachings of Integral Yoga. Mahadev leads workshops on the healing power of Hatha Yoga and, in addition to practicing as a psychotherapist, teaches Integral Yoga Hatha classes to over one hundred students per week. Mahadev is passionate about sharing Hatha Yoga with others and leading certified Yoga teachers to the next level.

Events with Louis Mahadev Carlino, M.A., LPC

Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher Training
June 23, 2019

Profoundly enrich your understanding and practice of Integral Yoga with the Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher Training. Enhance your teaching skills as you dive deeply into the subtle and more advanced aspects of Yoga and learn how to share them with others. Learn important additional asanas (postures), their benefits, and how to safely guide students into and out of the poses Explore making skillful sequencing choices and adaptations that will enhance your classes Gain a fuller understanding of prana (energy) and pranayama (breath control) techniques Study the Bhagavad Gita, which expounds the philosophy and practices of the four main paths of…

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