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Integral Yoga Senior Staff

Events with Integral Yoga Senior Staff

Integral Yoga Teachers Conference – Online
November 4 - 6, 2022

For Integral Yoga trained teachers We are happy to invite all Integral Yoga teachers to a delightful weekend designed to refine your teaching skills and provide you with teaching inspiration and personal relaxation. Integral Yoga teachers are trained to serve in good times and in times of trouble. In fact, your training can shine brighter in the current times of global challenge. The Integral Yoga practices combined with Yogic philosophy and psychology can reach a great variety of people to help relieve anxiety and heal deeply. In this online Integral Yoga Teachers Conference you’ll hear and exchange ideas on what…

Bhakti Yoga Sadhana Retreat
December 8 - 11, 2022

Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of love and devotion. It is a spiritual path within the yogic tradition that is rooted in an intense longing for the Divine. Through love, faith, service, and constant remembrance of the Divine—however we conceive of this—we can rise above the illusion of a separate self and experience union with the spirit that dwells within everything. Sadhana (practice) refers to any spiritual exercise that is aimed at progressing the aspirant toward the ultimate expression of their life. Join us for the Bhakti Yoga Sadhana Retreat to explore the devotional practices of Bhakti Yoga that will…

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