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Montina Sraddha Cole, JD

Montina Sraddha Cole has been practicing Integral Yoga since 2003, and is certified to teach
Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Meditation, and Stress Management. She is a student and teacher of
applying the ancient wisdom of Yoga to modern day challenges. She is an attorney and the
Founder and Principal of Jai Green Consulting LLC, which provides holistic tools and solutions
for sustainability, focusing on integrated climate policy, racial equity, and resilience.

She practiced energy law in corporate law firms for nearly 20 years, and served in the public
interest sector for nearly a decade, including as the first Senior Counsel for Environmental
Justice and Equity at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. She is an Open Society
Foundations Leadership in Government Fellow, and a frequent speaker on various topics
including environmental justice, equity and climate policy. She is also a past member of the
Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville Spiritual Life Board, and a past fellow in the GreenFaith
Fellowship Program for religiously based environmental leadership.

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