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Ashram Yogi Program

Program Information

  • Flexible program start dates
  • Minimum 2-month commitment
  • 3 organic vegetarian meals per day
  • Skill Level – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Complimentary Dormitory living (2 people per room)
  • Tuition: no cost with full-time service (33 hours per week; 28.5 if over 60 years old)

Sadhana (spiritual practices)

We study and engage in the following Yogic practices—Hatha (asanapranayama, deep relaxation); Raja (based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), Karma (perfection in action); Bhakti (puja, chanting); Jnana (wisdom or knowledge).

Average weekly sadhana

  • 10 group meditation sessions weekly (5 morning meditations 5 am or 6:20 am, and 5 afternoon meditations 12 pm or 6 pm)
  • 5 Hatha Yoga sessions per week, including at least 2 Integral Yoga classes
  • Weekly Ashram Yogi Meeting
  • 2 Evening Programs/Classes/Special events per week, including satsang
  • Karma Yoga – 22, 28.5, or 33 hours of meditative service

Ashram Yogi Programs

Kitchen Ashram Yogi

Coming Soon!

  • learn vegetarian cooking and procedures
  • cook seasonal
  • prepare ethnic food
Farm Ashram Yogi
  • Organic Farming
  • Learn farming basics, including crop planning, seed starting, transplanting, soil preparation, irrigation techniques, handling row covers, trellising, and insect control technique
  • Hands-on work including planting, weeding, mulching, composting, and harvesting

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General Ashram Yogi

Service in various Ashram departments including, including kitchen and farm.


The program is open to those who had completed the 28-day Living Yoga Training (LYT) or the Integral Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaville.

Weekly sadhana (spiritual practice)

ActivitySessions per week
Morning Meditations5 to 7
Afternoon and/or Evening Meditations5 to 14
Group Hatha Yoga5 to 14
Yoga Philosophy Classes1
Sharing Circle1
Satsang (community gathering)1

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