“Satsang” is a Sanskrit word meaning “gathering of seekers of the Truth.” Here at Yogaville, we traditionally hold Satsang on Saturday evening where we participate in kirtan (devotional chanting), view a video of Sri Gurudev speaking at a former satsang (different every week) and listen to senior members or guest presenters speak on a topic related to spiritual growth.  Often times we also enjoy a musical or other cultural offering of dance, skits, poetry or story-telling; all spiritually inspirational.  Satsang concludes with a ceremonial prayer for world peace and the distribution of prasad (a blessed food item).

This weekly fellowship offers the chance for new visitors and long-time Ashram denizens to share spiritual ideas and camaraderie.  We hope you will look for the weekly Satsang schedule on the Community Events Calendar and make plans to join us.

Satsang is also available live online at – http://new.livestream.com/yogaville
You can also view past satsangs on this same channel!

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