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  • LGH - Family room – $540.00
  • Tent-Site – $360.00
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Everything Comes to You: Non-Dual Awakening

with Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT

July 6 - 8, 2018

Not-two is Peace.

What you are seeking is seeking you.

Dive deeply into the teachings of several spiritual traditions, particularly A Course in Miraclesand experience how everything comes to you in non-dual awareness. Instead of seeking, you will learn to simply become a magnet and harness the power of attraction.

When you stop chasing your desires and instead turn your attention to your inner development, a change takes place: in the words of Sri Swami Satchidananda, “Things start chasing you!”

In this workshop, you’ll consider and explore:

  • Spiritual awakening and the concepts of duality and non-duality
  • The human “ego-nomic” system
  • The difference between transformation and enlightenment
  • How and why laughter is a doorway to the infinite
  • The role of the “pleasure adapter” and the “happiness adjuster” in spiritual awakening
  • Why forgiveness is key to attracting what you want
  • The meaning of “I am that”
  • The impermanent nature of all things
  • What happens when “all is realized”
  • The secret cycle of karma: Sin in the past, guilt in the present, punishment in the future

Instead of trying to get things from the world, you must give first so that others may give freely.
Just as the magnetic pole of the earth effortlessly draws the compass needle toward it, your gratitude draws you toward your continuing abundance.


Bharata’s ability to use metaphors and analogies to describe and explain complex ideas is exquisite! I love his lecture-focused approach, but he is always encouraging discussion as well. Every question that was asked was answered by Bharata with eloquence, and often, humor!

[Bharata] explains things so clearly that difficult concepts became easier to understand as a result.

Bharata lives what he teaches! He is deep and brilliant! He knows the material and conveys it with so much clarity.

— 2017 Participants


Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT
Bharata Wingham, is a long-time student of A Course in Miracles working with it daily since 1980. He is a Laughter Ambassador and has trained hundreds of Laughter Yoga Leaders and has led thousands of people through Laugha Yoga® sessions, a philosophy of Spontaneous Self Liberation. He was trained and certified by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the world-wide laughter clubs. For thirteen years he produced and hosted a television program, A Course in Miracles Study Group, which was distributed in the US and abroad. While conducting numerous programs, workshops he also authored the book, An Ancient New Idea: A…
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