• Dorm - Bottom Bunk – $670.00
  • Dorm - Top Bunk – $670.00
  • Dormitory - Private – $800.00
  • LGH - Single – $890.00
  • LGH - Double – $890.00
  • LGH - Family room – $890.00
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Check-in: 4 pm
Check-out: 2 pm
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New Year’s Silent Retreat: Reaching Healthy New Heights

with Integral Yoga Retreat Directors with Senior Staff

December 28, 2017 - January 1, 2018

Every new year, we close a door to the past and open one to a myriad of new possibilities. These possibilities allow you to recreate and redesign your life in ways that align you with your innermost desires. Take a little time away from your busy life for relaxing and reflecting on where your journey has taken you, on how you want to proceed, and on the present moment during this silent retreat.

This year, unwind from the holidays in the tranquility of Yogaville, with five days of silence, Hatha Yoga, guided and silent meditation techniques, and a variety of talks from our experienced staff that will help you reach healthy new heights.
You’ll find that away from the demands of daily life, it’s easier to reconnect with your ideals in a way that brings “regular life” into alignment.

Participants immerse themselves in silence, while teachers offer experiential workshops and classes in:

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing practices)
  • Asanas (Yoga postures)
  • Deep relaxation

Who can attend

These silent retreats are open to everyone—from beginners to advanced Yoga retreatants. Those who are new to meditation or to Yoga practices will receive full instruction, while those with experience will have the opportunity to deepen their practice.

Private mentoring is available.

You will also have the opportunity to seek support or clarification by asking written questions.


This retreat opened doors for me and reminded me of deep, universal truths. The quiet life was life-changing.

Raja and Jnana Yoga workshop presenters were very moving, informative, and inspiring.

Q&A was great this year—Thank you for making the time to answer all the questions.

Q&A with the Swami was great. Her answers were so thorough, and her overall attitude and the personal stories she shared were so wonderful. I could have listened to her talk for two more hours.

I had no knowledge of Jnana Yoga and quickly became interested.

Love to you all! Thank you! Most if not all presenters exceeded my expectations. Q&A was edifying with lots of enlightening love.
— 2016/2017 Participants

I came to this retreat to take a nourishing, mindful pause, and to dive deep within me. At the end of it, I was filled with love and peace, and so much gratitude to Yogaville and to myself for choosing this. I feel like instead of diving down, I dove up. Thanks! — Steve V. D.

This retreat was not only a big reset button for me, but it also affirms and reminds me of how connected we all are, how much a supportive and loving environment can assist with transformation and the importance of having a spiritual home. — Holly H.

On my sister’s recommendation, I came to this retreat. I can attest that this experience is amazing and transformative. Having finished a holistic 200-hour course this year, I was amazed at the depth I experienced here. Nowhere else, I think, can you get the whole, deep, heart-touching teaching as here at Yogaville. — Andrew J. S.

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