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  • Tent-Site – $505.00
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Accommodations include meals, yoga classes, and meditations
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World Sound Journey: Experiential Drumming & Wisdom of Ancient Instruments

with Daniel Scruggs

June 28 - 30, 2024

Join us for an interactive, informative and immersive sound journey exploring over two dozen organic and rare indigenous instruments gathered from around the world! Experience rhythmic movement, meditation, breathing exercises and elements of integral yoga to incorporate into your daily life and yoga practice during this weekend retreat.

Using compassionate intuition and positive intention as a guide – practice calming breathing techniques as Daniel crafts meditative soundscapes on a variety of sacred instruments such as: Crystal Bowls (full octave), Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Handpan (Hang instrument), Didgeridoo (Aboriginal Yadaki), Drums (Various styles and cultures), Native American Flute (Cherokee), Monsoon Box / Rain sticks, Kalimbas (Zimbabwaen and American), Berimbau (Afro-Brazilian) Bull Roarer (Universal) Whistling Vessels (Pre-Columbian Chimu) and many more!

During the retreat, take an interactive journey in rhythm that celebrates the richness and uniqueness of different cultures throughout our world. This fully facilitated drumming experience includes components of team building, mindfulness, group empowerment and self expression.

Whether you are a musician or just interested in indigenous instruments, this dynamic and engaging experience is for anybody seeking to deepen their knowledge of multicultural sound-making traditions and sacred musical expressions.

Experience during this weekend retreat:

  • Sacred sound through a topical overview and demonstrations of sacred, organic and indigenous sound tools from traditional cultures throughout our world.
  • Sacred Sound Journey through a Meditative Soundscape
  • Enjoy hands on opportunities to play (Participants may choose a selection of various instruments)
  • Mindful Rhythm Practices – (Includes use of professional grade “djembe” style drums, use of all percussion equipment and fully facilitated experience.)
  • An interactive drumming, percussion and breath experience. Using the rhythms of traditional cultures and connections with one another to deepen one’s personal practice and enrich community.


“We were blessed again this year to have Daniel share his amazing talent and gift for music, cultures and education to facilitate one’s expression of feelings and thoughts with instruments!…..this was such a huge learning experience ….” – Janice M, Charleston SC

“Daniel, I just got back to my room and am still vibrating from your magical music concert at the Lotus. What a joy & treat the evening was. The stories & history behind the instruments was both fascinating and entertaining. Listening to you play all the different instruments and hearing all the various sounds that they made was amazing. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do and sharing it with others was great to see. Also, you have a very sweet & gentle soul that was also great to witness…..” – Silent Retreat attendee at Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville

“Daniel was invited to share his Sacred Sound Journey at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA as part of our Wisdom Workshop series. Daniel’s presentation was energetic, entertaining, and educational. With clarity he offered thought provoking insights into the histories and origins of many beautifully unique indigenous instruments. While instructional in nature, his performances demonstrated both his mastery of skill and passion for music and sound. Daniel also took great consideration in ensuring all questions were answered and encouraged participation in rhythmic exercises as a community. The experience ended with a fully immersive sound bath that inspired everyone in attendance to higher states.” – Krista Zinner Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E


Daniel Scruggs
Daniel Scruggs is a world traveling musician, yogi and educator who shares interactive cultural enrichment programs that feature traditional rhythms and over 200 rare musical instruments from around the world. Daniel has performed, studied and facilitated workshops throughout the USA and abroad for over twenty years, with Montessori schools and educators throughout the USA, & Canada, Ghana, Egypt. Daniel spent eight years in formal music studies and performance with the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps, and continued his formal music studies in percussion at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and in Arabic Language immersion in Sana’a Yemen.…
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