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  • Shared Dormitory: Bottom Bunk – $590.00
  • Private Dormitory – $700.00
  • LGH: Full Bed – $750.00
  • LGH: 2 Twin beds – $750.00
  • LGH: Queen Bed – $750.00
  • Tent-Site – $500.00
  • (All prices include $340.00 base amount)

Accommodations include meals, yoga classes, and meditations
LGH or LOTUS Guest House are Private Rooms with Private Baths

Date & Time Details: Check-in:*
3–5 pm
2 pm
*Photo ID (Drivers License or Passport) is required at Check-in for all Guests

Registration: Please register at least 48-hours before Arrival

Financial Aid: Financial Aid is available.
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Equity Discount: Equity Discount Application
Equity Discount and Financial Aid are limited and granted on a first come first serve basis. If there aren't any Discount/financial aid spots available, we will let you know of the availability in similar programs.

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Sounds of the Soul: Sufi Music Inspired by Rumi

with Amir Vahab

February 23 - 25, 2024

Join master musician Amir Vahab for a weekend of music, mysticism, and the spiritual poetry of Rumi. Experience Sufi philosophy brought to life, and feel for yourself how devotional music gently guides your mind and heart to the present moment — all through the use of sacred sound.

Spend an enchanting weekend listening to the unique fusion of traditional Sufi melodies with contemporary influences. Amir has dedicated his life to preserving and sharing the Sufi musical tradition. Sufis believe that we are all one with the Divine, and that music is the language of divine communication. This deeply moving experience will help you connect to your heart space and relax into bliss.

Rumi, also known as Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. He is renowned for his prolific and influential poetry, particularly his works of ecstatic and devotional literature, which have transcended time and cultural boundaries. Rumi’s poetry is characterized by themes of love, spirituality, and the quest for union with the divine.

This Program Offers:

  • Exploration of Sacred Music and Devotion
  • Spiritual Poetry of Rumi
  • Sufi Philosophy
  • Live music sessions
  • Spiritual Community & connection
  • 3 nights of accommodations
  • Vegan and Vegetarian meals. Dinner upon arrival + 3 meals per day on Friday & Saturday + breakfast and lunch on Sunday
  • Daily Integral Yoga Hatha classes


“Thank you for bringing your transcendent music, beautiful and uplifting. Your discussion of the mythic nature and history of the instrument was riveting!” – L

“Your soul seemed to travel through different spiritual states, and so did your voice. You were getting connected with the audience. In the last song, your voice took on a celestial or an unearthly quality to it. Your body seemed to gradually vanish from the stage as your spirit became the main performer. Your voice allowed the audience to travel to an unseen world. Beyond Rumi’s lyrics, there were hidden lyrics. Their message sounded like, “Come to this magical place that is yours. Even though you doubt it exists, once you see how beautiful it is, you will not be scared to depart from it. Join me in this heavenly place.” The texture of your voice changed because of the rapture of your spiritual state, it became purer, and transported the listener to a more peaceful place.” -Shukran

“I took Turkish Ney lessons and by that way met with his sufi circle & concerts. Wonderful Teacher. Amir & the spirit created around him is beyond words. Rumi, Yunus & all other sufi, mystic or lovely poets and music become alive with his great soul and heart. Words cannot explain, just attend one of events and feel; experience with all your soul & heart.” – Afsar


Amir Vahab
Amir Vahab, honored as both a peacemaker and virtuoso, is one of New York’s most celebrated and distinguished composers and vocalists of Sufi and folk music. Weaving fiery instrumentals and songs of the historic lands of the Middle East and Central Asia, his work transcends political boundaries while maintaining traditional and mystical sensibilities. His music symbolizes diversity-in-unity and, while rooted in tradition, has been influenced by contemporary sounds. Amir teaches and lectures to private and group classes in universities, libraries, museums, and cultural centers and organizes music therapy and sound healing workshops.
Learn more about Amir Vahab

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