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Additional Steps in Your Planning

  1. Your End-of-Life Health Care – Advance Health Care Directive
    The link below will take you to the Advance Health Care Directive Form for the State of Virginia. This form will help you in giving instructions about your own health care should you no longer be able to do this yourself. If you are not a Virginia resident, please look on line for the Health Care Directive form that applies to the state you currently reside in.
  2. Your Automobile – Transfer on Death (TOD)
    You can complete a Transfer On Death (TOD) request with your local DMV. By doing so, at your death the ownership of your vehicle will simply be transferred to the individual or organization named without having to go through probate.

Contact the DMV in your state of residence for more complete information. You can also read about this option, and the states that offer it, on the website (offering many kinds of legal forms).

  1. Your bank accounts – Pay on Death (POD)
    You can complete a Pay on Death (POD) with your bank. At your death the money in your accounts will be paid to the individual or organization named.
  2. Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, Tax ID# 271475200


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Jeeva Abbate

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Mitra Somerville

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