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Tibetan Books Collection – Yogaville Library

Below are the Tibetan Books available at the Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville Library.
For more information please contact Swami Murugananda at 434-969-3121 Ext. 128

  • Blau, Tatjana. Tibetan Mandalas.
  • Bryant, Barry. Wheel of Time Sand Mandala.
  • Campbell, W L and Lu-Thrub. She-Rab Dong-Bu or Prajna Danda. [1919 ].
  • Dalai Lama XIV. An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life.
  • Dalai Lama XIV. Art of Living: Guide to Contentment, Joy & Fulfillment.
  • Evans-Wentz, W Y. Tibetan Book of Great Liberation. London: OU, [1954 ].
  • Gyalwang Cho-je. Complete Biography of Tson-kha-pa (Tibetan) Varnasi.
  • Kha-Dup-je, Lama. Biography of Tsong-kha-pa (Tibetan) Kalsang Lhundrup, [1966 ].
  • Kun Dga Syning Po and Go Ram Bsod Mans Seng Ge. Complete Works of Kun Dga Synin Po (etal) Vs.1 -15 (Tibetan) Note: 15 Volumes boxed set, Facsimile of Tibetan manuscript, several authors.
  • Madanjeet Singh. Himalayan Art. [1968 ].
  • Namgyal Institute of Tibetology. Red Annals (Pt.1) Tibetan. Sikhim, [1961 ].
    Note: Tibetan Version of Indian work on Buddhist ethics by Nagarjuna.
  • Padma, Kachen. Mirror of the rTag Jug (Grammar) (Tibetan)
  • Powell, Andrew and Dalai Lama XIV. Living Buddhism. NY: Harmony, [1988 ].
  • Rupa, Gyuan-chen. Biography of Milarepa (Tibetan) Varnasi.
  • Kalsang Lhundrup, Stevens, John. Sacred Calligraphy of the East.
  • Sumpakhampo. History of Tibet (Tibetan)
  • Tendzin, Osel and Trungpa, Chogyam. Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand.
  • Thurman, Robert A F. Inside Tibetan Buddhism. Collins, [1994 ].
  • Toyo Bunko. Complete Works of the Great Masters of the Sa Skya Sect.
  • Trungpa, Chogyam Rimpoche. Rain of Wisdom: Vajra Songs of the Kagyu Gurus.
  • Tshe-hpel. Tshe-hpel’s History of Buddhism in Mongolia (Tibetan).
  • Yon Tan Rgya-Mtsho. Deb Ther Rgya-Mtso.
  • Dharamsala, Note: Tibetan.

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