Yoga Therapy 800-hour Course


Integral Yoga has developed a Yoga Therapy Certification Program in accordance with the longstanding therapeutic teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda. The program has been approved for Accreditation by IAYT, the International Association of Yoga Therapists. It will be offered at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville and at the Integral Yoga Institutes in New York and San Francisco.

See full details at, including how to apply and financial information. Applications are now welcome for the first cohort of students at Yogaville.

Yoga Therapy Modules

Required modules

  • Adaptive Yoga*
  • Raja Yoga*
  • Restorative Yoga Part 1
  • Restorative Yoga Part 2
  • Stress Management Teacher Training
  • Healing Relationships
  • Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy
  • The Human Body: Ease & Disease
  • Psychology & Mental Health
  • Basics of Ayurveda
  • Integration Module

* Modules required to be taken first

Elective modules**

  • Yoga of the Heart
  • Yoga of Recovery – Module A
  • Yoga of Recovery – Module B
  • Yoga for Arthritis
  • Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness: YCat
  • Yoga for the Special Child
  • LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner Training

** At least one required in addition to 800 hours

An integrated approach to Yoga provides prevention and rehabilitation to a wide range of health concerns:


Anxiety and depression


And many more…


Chronic fatigue


Pain management

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Upcoming Yoga Therapy Training Modules

These trainings below may be applied to the Certification Program if taken before enrollment.

Sorry, no programs exist here.

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