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Thank you for your interest in our Basic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. For more than 30 years, students from all over the world have come to participate in our residential Teacher Training programs. This letter contains the program information: curriculum, daily schedule, accommodations and an application form. After reading this material, if you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us. In our BTT, you will receive a carefully crafted education in the Integral Yoga approach to teaching Hatha Yoga. You will be taught how to give clear instructions and list the benefits for each of the core postures, breathing practices, chants and meditation in the classic sequence, and you will be able to lead students in the traditional style deep relaxation. You will study and practice the various aspects of Integral Yoga, including meditation, breathing practices, chanting, selfless service, Yoga philosophy and more. When you graduate, you will have the knowledge and experience to stand before a group and teach a class with confidence and ease.



Integral Yoga is a complete science that cultivates and maintains the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the individual. The non-competitive approach and meditative exploration of the Integral Yoga practices create an indrawn awareness that allows each student to reconnect with deeper and more subtle aspects of being. Our comprehensive certification programs provide a strong foundation for personal and spiritual development, an appreciation for nurturing a personal practice and the skills to become a knowledgeable and professional Yoga teacher. The Integral Yoga training process fosters the teacher’s sensitivities to help create a safe environment for their students that allow them to realize their potential, gain self respect and learn to be of greater service to others. The Integral Yoga system of Hatha Yoga is utilized by the Commonweal Cancer Help program and Dr. Dean Ornish in his book, Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease.


The most effective teaching comes from direct experience. Our residential programs are designed to offer you the experience of living the teachings of Yoga and to present the necessary tools that will enable you to pass these great teachings on to others. During your stay, you will immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle and transform your body, mind and spirit. Our residential programs offer a supportive and nurturing environment for practice and study away from the distractions of everyday life.


The daily schedule is very full; it is designed to help you fully realize the benefits of the Yoga practices and to offer you the optimum environment in which to study and learn. Each day begins with meditation at 6:00am, followed by a Hatha Yoga class. During the day, you will have training courses, workshops, practice sessions, a noon meditation at the beautiful LOTUS Temple and some free time. This schedule covers six days and five nights a week. You are expected to stay at the Ashram for the entire time to successfully complete the program.


The curriculum includes the following:

  • Instruction in teaching the Yoga postures, deep relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Guidance in your personal Yoga practices
  • Monitored teaching practice
  • Classes in vegetarian diet
  • Instruction in basic anatomy and physiology
  • Meditation workshops focusing on a variety of effective meditation techniques
  • Instruction and practice in chanting – both for personal practice and teaching
  • An in-depth course in Raja Yoga: The philosophy and psychology of Yoga covering such topics as the nature of the mind, the science of meditation, and yogic lifestyle guidelines
  • How to set up, publicize, and conduct classes
  • Study and practice of the other branches of Integral Yoga:
    • Jnana Yoga: The path of discrimination or self-analysis, inquiry into the nature of the Self, and witnessing the mind
    • Bhakti Yoga: The path of devotion, which includes chanting, worship, and self-surrender
    • Karma Yoga: The path of dedicated action and selfless service


Applicants should be regular practitioners of Hatha Yoga for 6 months, preferably one year. We recommend that all students not trained through Integral Yoga familiarize themselves with the Integral Yoga method of teaching Hatha Yoga by taking at least 10 classes at an Integral Yoga Institute or from an IY teacher. Information on Integral Yoga teachers in your area can be obtained from the online Teachers Directory at www.iyta.org or by contacting the Integral Yoga Teachers Association at 434-969-3121, ext. 177. If this is not possible, you may purchase the DVD Yoga with a Master and Integral Yoga Hatha I from Integral Yoga Multimedia Center (Shakticom) at Shakticom.org or phone: 434-969-1347.


At the end of the course, graduates receive a diploma certifying them to teach Integral Yoga Hatha Beginners Level I. Integral Yoga is a registered school of the Yoga Alliance, a voluntary alliance of organizations and teachers dedicated to uphold the integrity of Yoga, establish voluntary national standards for Yoga teachers, and provide support for the Yoga professional in the United States. Integral Yoga may award 200 hours towards Yoga Alliance registration with the completion of this course.


Attendance is required for all sessions – from the program orientation on the first day through the coursework on the last day. This includes all morning and afternoon practices of Hatha Yoga and meditation.


You will enjoy three healthy vegetarian meals daily, served buffet style, with a salad bar. The diet includes simple, deliciously prepared fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, tofu and some dairy. No meat, fish or eggs are served.


Accommodation choices vary and include dorm, private room with shared bath and private room with private bath. You may also bring your own tent and camp at one of our tent sites. If you choose dorm accommodation, you will board in our modern dormitory, Vivekananda Vihar, conveniently located near classrooms and the meditation and dining halls. Men and women are housed separately. We have rooms that accommodate up to six people. Generally, we are able to arrange accommodations so that the smaller rooms house two or three people and the larger rooms house four or five people. Private rooms are available at an additional price. Please keep in mind that private rooms are limited. If a private room is your accommodation choice, we recommend securing your reservation by applying early, especially during the summer season.


An Early Bird discount of $100 is offered for a full payment 90 days or more before the course start date. The following additional discounts are available: International 10%, Senior Citizen 10%, Student Discount 10% and Military 10% (active, retired or spouse of active). If you are employed by an Integral Yoga Institute please check with your IYI manager for details regarding a discount for this program. Please note: There is a 20% discount limit per application.


Limited partial scholarships are available for students who can demonstrate financial need. Those wanting aid must submit a scholarship application with the program application.


In order for your application to be considered please submit no later than September 16, 2016, with full payment enclosed. After this date please check with Teacher Training Administration for availability before applying.


If you cancel 45 days or more prior to the first day of the training, you will receive a refund less $150. If you cancel between 30 and 45 days prior to the first day, you will receive a refund less $300. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the start date, you will receive a refund less $500. You may transfer the amount paid (less a $25 transfer fee) to another program within a 12-month period. No refund will be given after the start of the program..


Please direct questions about the course to the Teacher Training Department at 434-969-3121, ext. 153 or [email protected]. Please direct questions concerning accommodations, travel arrangements and payment to the Ashram Reservation Center (ARC) at 1-800-858-9642 or by email at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in this Integral Yoga Teacher Training Program.


Shankar Parker
Teacher Training Administration
Phone: 434-969-3121 ext. 153
Email: iyacademy[email protected]

Sita Rose
Teacher Training Administration
Phone: 434-969-3121 ext. 139
Email: [email protected]

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