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Workshops & Retreats Schedule

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General Workshop Schedule

NOTICE: Session start and end times may vary
Workshop presenter may choose to lead morning practice for participants

4:00–6:00 pm Registration
5:00–5:45 pm Deep Relaxation
5:00–6:30 pm Hatha Yoga Class
6:00–6:30 pm Evening Meditation
6:30–7:30 pm Supper
7:30–8:00 pm Yogaville Welcoming and Orientation
8:00–9:30 pm Workshop Session
Lights out by 10 pm
5:30 am Wake-up call (dorms only)
6:00–8:30 am Ashram Meditation and Hatha Yoga
8:30–9:30 am Breakfast
9:30–11:30 am Workshop Session
12:00–12:30 pm Meditation at LOTUS
12:45–1:30 pm Lunch
1:45–3:15 pm Ashram Tour or Free Time
3:30–5:30 pm Workshop Session
5:30–6:30 pm Supper
7:30–9:30 pm Satsang—Chanting, DVD of Sri Swami Satchidananda, Talk, Arathi
Lights out by 10pm
6:00 am Wake-up call (dorms only)
6:20–9:00 am Ashram Meditation and Hatha Yoga
9:00–9:30 am Breakfast
9:45–11:30 am Workshop Session
12:00–12:30 pm Meditation at LOTUS or Laugha Yoga
12:45–1:45 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Check Out

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