Alaska Cruise 2019 Schedule

Join us for a round-trip Alaska adventure/cruise, starting and ending in Seattle!
Sights include the spectacular Hubbard glacier, whale-watching and day-trips into
the famous cities of Alaska including the rough-hewn Ketchikan; and Juneau, the
state capital. 

Day one

Ship departs at 4 PM

Visitors are spoiled for choice of things to do in Seattle, with iconic attractions
like the waterfront, Space Needle, Chihuly Garden, Pioneer Square, and Pike Place
Market all easily accessible. "Local" and "sustainable" are words to live by in
Seattle, an ethos reflected in the profusion of independent coffee roasters and
quirky boutiques that are dotted around the city.

Day two

All day at sea but on board the ship the adventure continues:
EXPLORATION CENTRAL: talks in which the spirit of Alaska comes alive!
BB KINGS BLUES CLUB – an eight-piece band performs each evening.
AMERICAS TEST KITCHEN with on-board cooking shows and workshops.

Day three

Until 1 pm Stephens Passage

Stephens Passage is the best shortcut in the world! See the greatest hits of
Alaskan wildlife, from humpback whales, the whoosh of their breath loud
enough to be heard almost a kilometer away, to giant sea lions and their very
distinctive smell—well, okay, call it a stink—that can carry just as far!
In Stephens Passage the mountains come right down into the sea, and the high
tides lick the roots of spruce and hemlock. In tiny bays, guillemots and gulls
gather; when they take off at the ship’s wake, the noise is like applause.

The sea is a thousand feet deep in some places, with mountain peaks 5,000 feet
high – a landscape cut during the last ice age!

 1 – 9 pm Juneau

Juneau is probably the most remote, most beautiful and strangest state capital
in the United States. The town (population 32,000) has a frontier town vibe,
but welcomes more than a million visitors a year. The real highlight of a visit to
Juneau is tracking down some wildlife – bears, bald eagles, wild deer and whales!
For an extra fee of $90 you can also visit the Tongass National Forest, the
Juneau Rainforest Gardens and the Alaska State Museum.


Day 4

2 – 6 pm Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard is the longest tidewater glacier in North America. The deep blue of the
glacier on a sunny day is made by compression of ice crystals that can be a foot or
more long— it’s like the blue of the furthest stars.
Unlike nearly every other tidewater glacier on the continent, Hubbard is advancing,
not retreating; it’s forever pushing a little further into the bay. Chunks of ice that
break off become floaties for seals,
The glacier is up to 65 meters wide at its face and 50 meters tall, but that’s only
the tiniest piece of the ice: The main channel of this frozen river begins 76 miles
back, pouring down from around the shoulder of Mt. Walsh at 11,000 feet.


Day 5

8 am – 4 pm Sitka

In Sitka, you’ll find a unique slice of Alaskan history. Russia controlled Alaska for
over 100 years (the US purchased it in 1867), and during that time Sitka (then
called New Archangel) was the capital of Russian America. In Sitka you may wish
to visit:

  • St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Russian Bishop’s House – vestiges of the
    Russian occupation (these are both National Historic Landmarks)
  • Sitka National Historical Park to see Russian and Native Alaskan artifacts
  • A ranger-led tour of the battlefield where Russia defeated the native
    Tlingit people.
  • Castle Hill to enjoy an ideal vantage point of dormant volcano Mount
  • Fortress of the Bear
  • Alaska Raptor Center for up-close encounters with some of Alaska’s most
    captivating creatures.

Day 6

7 am to 1 pm Ketchikan

Alaska’s “First City” of Ketchikan is so named because it’s the first major landfall
for most cruisers as they enter the picturesque fjords of the Inside Passage,
In Sitka you will want to explore the rich culture of the Native Alaskan nations like
the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian. This could include:

  • Totem Heritage Center and Totem Bight State Park (for intricately carved
    totem poles)
  • Saxman Village to see Tlingit culture in action, with carvers and a dance
    show in the clan house.
  • Dolly’s House Museum (a peek at the gold rush–era).
  • For $45 extra you could join an entertaining city tour which includes the Totem
    Bight State Park, an authentic Native clan house and the Alaska Totem Trading

Day 7

6 pm to 11:30 pm Victoria

Of all the cities in Canada, Victoria may be the furthest from Great Britain, but it
has the most British vibe and is the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest. However
you choose to spend your evening here, the city’s civilized delights will charm you.

  • Canada’s oldest Chinatown
  • The Visitor Center and the grand Fairmont Empress, to view government
    buildings and museums
  • Market Square and Government Street for fun shopping

Day 8

Arrival to Seattle at 7 am

If you didn’t explore Seattle on arrival, you will want to spend some time here
before departing. From logging to shipbuilding to aircraft manufacturing to
modern-day software and biotech development, the Emerald City has worn a
succession of industrial hats, birthing the likes of Amazon and Starbucks—not to
mention music legends Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana—along the way. Past and present
thrive side by side in Seattle!

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