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Sid McNairy, E-RYT 500, M.S., B.A.

Sid is a warrior who lives life fully in peace. As a previous football coach at Northern Illinois University with a major in movement and sports science from Purdue University and a master’s degree in sports administration from Eastern Illinois University, Sid’s path to healing and inspiring others was destined.

Sid’s Yoga journey started with meditation at 8 years of age with coaches that taught him to meditate. Sid first began doing the physical practice of Yoga to find a way to heal both physically and emotionally. As Sid developed his own Yoga practice, he realized many health benefits, such as the disappearance of his asthma, which had plagued him for 30 years, as well as a full range of motion in his right ankle that was fused in 1995.

Sid credits his parents with inspiring him to move forward and touch so many lives. Growing up with two successful parents, and yogis in their own right, his mother and father’s lifestyle practices instilled a foundation from which Sid could freely grow and become a yogi master. “I can… I will… I must…” was the mantra used in the McNairy household.

This later became, and has remained, the basis of his studio’s mantra. In 2016, Sid became a best-selling author with his second book, Yoga and Life Empowerment. Empowerment and Beyond was published in 2013. Sid is in the midst of publishing his next book, The Warrior Within, a quest for peace.

September of 2017 Sid began his mission of spreading peace throughout the world through the #peaceacrossamerica tour. Follow Sid and the tour on Instagram @sidmcnairy

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