Rev. Prakasha Shakti Capen, E-RYT 500, (Retreat Director) with Senior Staff

Reverend Prakasha Shakti left behind her career in broadcasting when she realized her real passion—to serve by teaching Yoga. Over the years, she was director of the Integral Yoga Institutes in Washington, DC; Boston, and San Francisco. As editor-in-chief of Integral Yoga Publications, she worked directly with Sri Swami Satchidananda. In San Francisco, she served as director of Life Enhancement for the AIDS/HIV Study Group, worked with Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease, and began hospice service. A professional writer and editor, Prakasha now specializes in Yoga for those with chronic illness and, also, teaches application of Yoga in daily life.

Events with Rev. Prakasha Shakti Capen, E-RYT 500, (Retreat Director) with Senior Staff

Spring Silent Retreat: Rediscover Your Inner Peace
April 11, 2019

Escape to a natural sanctuary among Virginia’s verdant foothills and rediscover the peace within during Yogaville’s annual Spring Silent Retreat. With its ups, downs, and demands, daily life can make us lose perspective. We can easily get out of sync with our inner calm and balance. On a silent retreat, we take a few days to step back from our regular routines. We lift the spirit and refresh the body and mind. Through stillness, silence, and Yoga practices, we become reacquainted with our true nature of ease and peace. During this rejuvenating silent retreat, you will: Reconnect with your inner…

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