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Bhaskar Deva

Bhaskar Deva’s love of nature has drawn him to experience and lead groups in hiking, boating and kayaking whether it is in mountains, lakes, rivers, or even in the ocean. Bhaskar was a swami (monk) for many years at Yogaville, where he served as Development Coordinator, as an Ashram board member, and as Sri Swami Satchidanandaji’s pilot. Bhaskar, with his wife, Nischala Devi, founded the Abundant WellBeing Temple, a non-profit organization dedicated to embracing the loving spirit and one light in all. Gathering friends to share the flow of the river, and the serenity of nature is one of his great joys.

I just love kayaking and being on the water, listening to the sounds of the river and the nature as I float along. It is very meditative to hear the river lapping upon the kayak’s hull and the whooshing of the water as the paddle glides along. The rhythm of paddling allows my body to sing. Harmonizing with the flow as I pull the paddle with one arm and push with the other. At the same time engaging my core muscles and watching my breath. It all becomes effortless like walking, except now on water! And the river always brings something interesting around the next bend. Join me and let’s discover what is waiting for us, together on the river.—Bhaskar Deva

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