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Bhaskar Deva

Bhaskar Deva has been a dedicated Yogi since the age of 18. He lived as a monk for 17 years at Satchidanada Ashram–Yogaville where he served as development coordinator, board member, and pilot to Sri Swami Satchidanandaji.

A former teacher of Adaptive Yoga classes at the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, Bhaskar now shares his wisdom and expertise in Yoga of the Heart® Cardiac and Cancer Certification Trainings. Bhaskar has been co-teaching Yoga of the Heart® internationally since its inception in 1998, leading adaptive asana classes that allow experienced yogis to return to the beginner’s mind as they delve deeply into a meditative physical and spiritual practice.

In addition to his passion for Yoga, Bhaskar also has a deep love of nature and serves as a kayak guide. He leads annual Yoga and Kayaking workshops on the James River at Yogaville. Bhaskar and his wife, Nischala Devi, founded the Abundant WellBeing Temple, a non-profit organization dedicated to embracing the one light in all.

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Events with Bhaskar Deva

Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac and Cancer Certification Training
July 18, 2019

Would you like to share Yoga with those at risk for or living with heart disease, cancer, or other life-altering illnesses? In this program, you’ll learn how the theory of Yoga can be applied to disease and general health. Yoga of the HeartⓇ is an evidence-based blend of Eastern and Western therapy, which allows the heart to expand through compassion and love for one’s self and others. In Yoga of the Heart, you’ll learn: Tailoring practices for the individual The psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of disease Interfacing with the medical community The virtues of a vegetarian diet Basic anatomy…

Yoga and Kayaking – August
August 2, 2019

Join Bhaskar Deva for a weekend of Yoga and kayaking down the peaceful James River—connecting with nature, yourself, and new friends. This is an invigorating way for beginners and intermediate kayakers alike to weave Yoga with the joy of the outdoors. Each day begins with morning meditation, Hatha Yoga, and, of course, a delicious, hearty breakfast. After an instructional orientation, you’ll launch your kayak, and your adventure down the river begins! Explore many miles of the lush, historic James River under the expert guidance of our trip leaders. This adventure is designed for your enjoyment. Experience the art of navigating…

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