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Dress Code

Program participants are advised to wear clean, loose-fitting, and modest clothing

  • Please wear modest tops. If wearing a tank top, please cover shoulders with a blouse or shirt
  • Tights and Leggings may be worn if covered by tops that come to or close to the knees
  • Shorts for both men and women should come to or close to the knees
  • Short-shorts or miniskirts are not to be worn, even with leggings or tights
  • If shorts are worn to LOTUS, Chidambaram, or Guru Bhavan, a cloth wrap should be worn over them (available at the entryway in the temples, or you can use a shawl as a wrap)
  • During Satsang and special events, do not wear shorts. Dress appropriately for attending a sacred event. White or light-colored clothing is preferred, but other colors are fine if modest and clean
  • Shoes are not permitted in Ashram buildings, except in lobbies and kitchen
  • Bare Feet: If you walk outside without shoes, please wash feet or cover them with socks or slippers when entering buildings
  • Swimwear: Please wear non-revealing, modest bathing suits for women and boxer-style trunks for men (swimming is permitted only at designated swimming areas)
  • Scents: To support those who have allergies, please refrain from wearing strong fragrances like perfumes and essential oils
Please bring
  • Alarm clock (cell phone can be used as an alarm clock)
  • Small flashlight 
  • Hairdryer (optional)
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, dental items, moon cycle items, etc.); flip- flops for shower
  • Clothing for Kitchen service: loose, comfortable, modest
  • Hatha Yoga clothes: loose, comfortable, modest 
  • Hatha Mat: for classes (a few Yoga mats are available for use in the Yoga classrooms) 
  • Meditation cushion (some wool blankets and meditation benches, as well as chairs, are available at the main meditation hall)
  • Satsang clothes : dressier, more formal attire in white or lighter colors (many wear white, which is a tradition but not a requirement)
  • Slip-on shoes:  for example, clogs, mules or sandals (shoes are not worn indoors) 
  • Closed-toed and non-slip shoes for the kitchen (required) 
  • Slippers/socks for indoor use only (in Sivananda Hall and dorms, etc.) 
  • Earplugs (optional)
  • Ear buds or headphones if you choose to listen to inspiring or meditative music (optional)
  • Journal/Diary, pens and pencils (optional)
  • $20 cash for deposit at the Ashram Library if you wish to check-out books
  • Sneakers/hiking/walking shoes (optional) 
  • Natural mosquito/tick repellent spray (optional)
  • Epinephrine (EpiPen), if you’ve experienced severe allergic reactions in the past 
  • Prescribed medications for entire stay, if applicable
  • Umbrella, rain jacket, rain boots (optional)
  • Winter jacket, scarf, gloves, snow boots (optional)
  • Hat(s) to protect against summer sun or to keep the head warm in winter (optional)
Please do not bring
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco (abstention from alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco applies on and off grounds during your participation in the LYT program)
  • More than is needed for a month’s stay (space is limited and rooms must be kept clean and neat; storage space is limited to the overhead bunk, dresser, and closet area)
  • Projects or anything that may draw your attention away from your inner journey.
  • Pets
For Tenters
  • Flashlight and/or headlamp
  • Tent with all gear (including rainfly and tarp(s) with rope), warm sleeping bag, pillow(s), blankets
  • Towel(s)
  • Natural mosquito/tick repellent spray
  • Alarm clock (battery-operated)
Additional Helpful Information
  • Towels, sheets, and blankets are provided
  • There are laundry facilities, and you will be provided with detergent and $30 in quarters for washing and drying
  • There is a library; however, a $20 cash deposit is required when you check out books (you can retrieve your deposit when you return the books)
  • There is no ATM available on the property; however, there are gift shops and a cafe that accept credit cards
  • The Ashram offers computers for your use in both the LYT Lounge and the Library
  • In consideration of program participants, guests and Ashramites who may have allergies or who may be sensitive, we ask that you do not wear perfume or fragrances during your stay
  • Cell phones may not be used in any of the buildings nor on the lawn between Sivananda Hall and the dorms. Cell phones may be used for phone calls at the far ends of the parking lots and at the phone booths to ensure that your conversations do not disturb others

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to maintain a yogic environment.

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