For over forty years, the silent retreats of Integral Yoga and Yogaville have provided the sanctuary and solace everyone needs from time to time.  Stepping out of the frenetic pace of life, taking time to reflect and gain perspective in between life events helps us live a life rooted in divine peace and harmony.  The Integral Yoga Signature Retreat collection supports and nurtures your connection with that inner stillness.

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Yogaville is a perfect setting to embark on an inner journey.  Our collection of Signature Retreats is set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the James River Valley, wooded hiking trails, breath-taking vistas, serene lakeside oases and artfully landscaped shrines. This inspiring and restorative setting allows communion with nature and furthers the experience of connection with your inner Self. Here, you can take a step back; immerse yourself in silence; emerge refreshed—mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Silence is golden. All the Integral Yoga Signature Retreats are rooted in silence among the participants. In an increasingly noisy world, we are seldom afforded extended times of silent stillness. In silence, we can learn to listen—to others and to ourselves. With no need to converse, the inner dialog lessens and our minds become calm.

Signature Silent Retreats bring you the gentle and practical teachings of Integral Yoga.   Participants maintain silence while respected teachers offer experiential workshops and classes in Yoga philosophy, meditation, breathing practices (pranayama) and Yoga postures (asanas). Every aspect of a Signature Retreat is designed to help you connect with your highest Self while becoming more balanced and healthy in body, mind and spirit. The effects of the Signature Retreat don’t stop when the program ends. You’ll go forward with tools you can use to enjoy a more peaceful, more useful and happier life.

Our Signature Silent Retreats are suited to students of all levels of experience. Those new to Yoga and the practice of silence will receive full instruction and support. Experienced retreatants can move even more deeply within. You will also have the opportunity to seek additional guidance or clarification by asking questions in writing or requesting private mentoring.