Vegetarian Cooking Internship

Apply for the Vegetarian Cooking Internship

4869057395_9dd9214c3e_zAs a subset of the Ashram Yogi Program, the Vegetarian Cooking Internship gives participants an opportunity to explore their interest in vegetarian cooking and kitchen procedures through hands-on experience while deepening their experience of the teachings and Integral Yoga practices.

Understanding the nutritional requirements of a vegetarian diet, cooking seasonally, and learning fundamental techniques for preparing ethnic cuisines are just a few of the areas covered in this comprehensive residential program.





  • Basic vegetarian nutritional standards, recipe development, and cooking techniques
  • Kitchen standards: hygiene, sanitation, proper use of tools and equipment, and food safety
  • Ethnic food preparation: Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian
  • Bread making
  • Inventory, ordering, and storage


  • 3650409699_00a89e44ac_mSuccessful completion of at least one month of the Living Yoga Training (LYT) Program, with the recommendation of the LYT Coordinator; one of the Ashram’s Integral Yoga Teacher Training programs, with the recommendation of the main Yoga Teacher Training Instructor; or the Ashram Yogi Program.
  • A commitment to serve three (3) consecutive months, with a monthly review, renewable with the approval of the Residential Services Supervisor.
  • A commitment to live in harmony with the Yogaville community and to conform to the Integral Yoga Lifestyle Principles is part of this Program.


  • Learning the fundamental administrative skills of daily meal development.
  • Practicing daily group sadhana (Hatha Yoga, mediation, scripture studies, and Karma Yoga).
  • Creating, preparing, and cooking nutritious vegetarian meals for the Yogaville Community.

For financial information, please visit the Ashram Yogi and Internship Programs’ Finances.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the Resident Services department at
1-434-969-3121, ext. 176 or email us at [email protected]