• Shared Dorm - Bottom Bunk – $425.00
  • Shared Dorm - Top Bunk – $425.00
  • Dormitory - Private – $515.00
  • LGH - Full Bed – $565.00
  • LGH - 2 Twin beds – $565.00
  • LGH - Queen Bed – $565.00
  • Tent-Site – $375.00
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Yoga for Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

with Cinmayi Cynthia Moore, RDN, CDE, FAND, M.S.

October 16 - 18, 2020

One in 3 Americans has pre-diabetes and 50% of the cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented. 

Learn skills for healthy movement, mindset and mindful eating. Yoga practices help to manage stress, regulate blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and reduce heart disease risk factors. This workshop will be most helpful to people with prediabetes or elevations of blood pressure, blood sugar or blood fats, who want a refresh on the lifestyle skills that reverse metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance.

Learn to engage the parasympathetic/stress balancing part of the nervous system for brain and body harmony. Practice skills to use at home to retrain the body and brain for health, ease, and balance.

Healthcare providers, such as diabetes educators, RNs, RDs, NPs, health coaches, or pharmacists and Yoga instructors who are interested in learning to offer group health coaching with mind-body skills in their own practice setting will benefit.

Preliminary webinars will be available and will enhance the growth, experience, and learning during and after the weekend.

Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities


Being a lifelong learner of personal growth and wellness in body and mind; the class helped me both pull together, re-call to mind and affirm previous knowledge as well as to learn to implement new ideas, update outdated views an perceptions and discover new science which gave me a fresh kick start to my goals. — N.H.

Your calm facilitation, inspiring insights, your direct and gentle probing, your sense of humor that can lighten the moment and your openness invites a level of safety and trust that evokes acceptance and deep sharing. — C. H.

Thank you again for your guidance and your gentle way. I felt safe and not judged by you and I greatly appreciate that in you. — P.H.

Thanks for the excellent counseling and education. I’ve lost 23 lbs and have never felt better. It goes to show that even a travel and food writer with irregular hours who’s surrounded by food can do it! — J.P.


Cinmayi Cynthia Moore, RDN, CDE, FAND, M.S.
Cinmayi (Cynthia) has a diverse health and wellness background in Western and integrative health disciplines. She has also been a manager in teaching hospitals and healthcare settings and a project manager in a variety of settings (spa/resort, academic, retirement, restaurant and ambulatory care). Cinmayi is a Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach, Integral Yoga instructor, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator. She’s been a speaker for spas and resorts, communities, scientific and Fortune 500 companies, and has served as faculty for undergraduate and medical education. Currently she trains others in EBT- Emotional Brain Training skills and works as a manager and nutritionist at…
Learn more about Cinmayi Cynthia Moore, RDN, CDE, FAND, M.S.

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