• Shared Dorm - Bottom Bunk – $430.00
  • Shared Dorm - Top Bunk – $430.00
  • Dormitory - Private – $520.00
  • LGH - Single (Full Bed) – $570.00
  • LGH - Double (2 twin beds) – $570.00
  • LGH - Family room (Queen Bed) – $570.00
  • Tent-Site – $370.00
  • (All prices include $250.00 base amount)

Date & Time Details:
Check-in: 4 – 6 pm
Check-out: 2 pm
Friday – Sunday Program Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Bring your Child:
If your child is 15 and over you can register them as an adult on the next page, standard rates apply.
Children 14 and under are an additional $168: $108 for tuition and $60 for lodging in either an LGH or Tent-site only.
Children 5 and under just pay the tuition, their accommodations in an LGH or tent-site is free.
Chlidren under 15 can't stay in the dormitories.

Please call 800.858.9642 to make your registration for yourself and a child under 15.
*Early Bird 20% off discount does not apply to Tuition or Lodging for Children under 14.

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Peace Filled Mama Weekend

with Kelley Carboni-Woods, E-RYT 200, Amani Murray, E-RYT 500, Kiesha Battles, E-RYT 500, Jasiatic Anderson and Krissy Coggins

October 18 - 20, 2019

$250 per adult $108 per child

We often think of Yoga practice as a quiet, sacred time away from the excitement, energies, and moods of our children. However, that is not often the reality for most mothers. Treat yourself to a peaceful weekend of wellness and self-care supported by a community of mothers.

During this weekend, you will have the opportunity to engage in self-study and reflection in regards to your own patterns and stories of motherhood. By becoming aware of these patterns, you can reimagine the roles and interactions you have as a mother.

Through curated workshops, asana (posture) offerings, panel discussions, and group engagements, you will be given the space and tools to cultivate peace as a mother. Pranayama (breathing exercises), bhakti (devotion), and mindfulness practices will empower you to cultivate peace and intention in the midst of harm and suffering. A team of dynamic mothers will help to lead, support, and fortify the group along the way.

Children of all ages are welcome. They are invited into the space and sessions are staffed to support the needs of mothers and children.

This workshop focuses on mothers. So presenters will make sure the kids will have space to be themselves, engage in what the group is doing, and also engage in activities just for them, such as craft making, dancing, nature exploring, and free play space. If you have questions, please contact [email protected].

If coming with kids, please contact our Ashram Reservation Center at [email protected] or 1.800.858.9642.



This workshop was AMAZING! Kelley created an inclusive, non-judgmental space for moms to relax into rejuvenating ourselves while releasing myths that were harmful to our children and us. Kelley’s energy and strength allow her to support mothers navigate the softness and strength needed to raise mindful, intuitive, community-driven individuals. She made sure we left with specific tools and techniques to help us and our little ones stay grounded. — Vickie L.


Kelley Carboni-Woods, E-RYT 200
Kelley is a writer, wellness advocate, and community organizer committed to using the philosophies of Yoga to cultivate peace for herself and others. Her dedication to a path of mindful wellness and self-realization fuels her work and propels her to share it with others through her writing, events, and teaching opportunities. She remains focused on making this healing practice accessible to all, connecting to communities that are normally excluded from mainstream wellness circles. See her writing, offerings, and more at
Learn more about Kelley Carboni-Woods, E-RYT 200
Amani Murray, E-RYT 500
Amani has an ability to ignite, inspire, and uplift her students while maintaining the core teachings of the Eight Limbed path of Yoga. Her classes are both challenging and light-hearted, holding space for students to breathe, move, and evolve. Amani’s journey started after discovering a love for Yoga at a young age. Her path brought her to her first Yoga teacher training at the Asheville Yoga Center. In 2002, under the guidance of Stephanie Keach, Amani completed her first teacher training. Through the ongoing and energizing passion for Yoga and teaching, Amani completed ongoing training (500 RYT) with an emphasis…
Learn more about Amani Murray, E-RYT 500
Kiesha Battles, E-RYT 500
Kiesha is a full-time Yoga teacher who began practicing Yoga in 2000. Over the past seven years, Kiesha has created Yoga programs, lead Yoga retreats, managed the daily operations of a Yoga studio, and was recently appointed as Co-Director of the Yoga Retreat for Women of Color at Kripalu Retreat Center. Known to many as the original black girl Yoga magic, Kiesha is a humble soul who connects to all beings first at their core. In 2016, after the Keith Lamont Scott shooting, Kiesha brought Yoga teachers and studios together from all parts of Charlotte to practice a marathon style…
Learn more about Kiesha Battles, E-RYT 500
Jasiatic Anderson
Jasiatic is a world-traveled photographer, vegan chef, food justice advocate and homeschooling mother of three teenagers. Jasiatic has lived a plant-based lifestyle for the better part of 20 years. After earning a degree in Africana Studies from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she began working in and out of health food stores and vegan kitchens. Today she is both a plant-based food coach and a vegan chef. As a mother of three vegan/vegetarian children, she is a self-deemed cultural food enthusiast and thrives in showing people how to eat clean and taking her children all over the world…
Learn more about Jasiatic Anderson
Krissy Coggins
Krissy, a Certified Positive Discipline Educator and mom of two amazing little girls, is passionate about positive parent-child relationships. She has long believed that children deserve our intentional nurturing in a way that best supports them even when they present us with challenges. It is with this belief that Krissy made the decision to get behind parents and support them with tools and empathy that will guide their journey to being the parent they always wanted to be. See more at
Learn more about Krissy Coggins

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