ONLINE COURSE | Experiential Retreat: The Four Main Paths of Yoga

with Swami Asokananda, E-RYT 500

October 20 - 22, 2017

In this experiential retreat, you will learn how the paths of Yoga assist in aligning the hand, heart, and head to form a wonderful ladder to help you climb to a more fulfilling life rooted in Spirit.

Through live video you will learn:

  • Karma Yoga—Path one (the hand): How to use the actions of your daily life to purge your past karma rather than accumulate new karma
  • Bhakti Yoga—Path two (the heart): How to form a living relationship with the Divine to transcend the limitations of the ego
  • Jnana Yoga—Path three (the head): How to use your discriminating intelligence to penetrate through the illusion and wake up to the Self
  • Raja Yoga—Path four: integrates other approaches so that you can develop into a well-rounded human being and a balanced, mature soul

Since an ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory, Swami Asokananda gives thorough focus to the practical ways you can absorb each of these approaches and develop into a true Integral yogi.


Asokananda was engaging, approachable, and intelligent. I’m glad I was able to join his program!

Asokananda was very accessible, highest level of expertise.

Swami Asokananda is brilliant, very loving, genuine and caring. Very well prepared to meet needs.

I enjoy any program with Swami Asokananda as he takes me to a new level of consciousness.

—Past Participants


Swami Asokananda, E-RYT 500
Swami Asokananda, a monk since 1975, is one of Integral Yoga’s foremost teachers—known for his warmth, intelligence, and good humor. His teaching comes out of his own practice and experience while absorbing the wisdom of his Guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda. While he enjoys sharing the practical wisdom of yogic philosophy (especially the great Indian scripture, the Bhagavad Gita), he also loves his practice of Hatha Yoga. He is one of Yogaville’s primary instructors for Intermediate and Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings. He presently serves as president of the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. Before this position, he served…
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