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The Art of Joyful Movement: Combining Alexander Technique and Pavanmuktanasana

with Hope Mell, RYT 500, ATT

February 2 - 4, 2018

Program is fully booked

Combining the movement principles of the Alexander Technique with the age-old practice of Pavanmuktasana (the Joint-Freeing Series), Joyful Movement is a powerful practice that has transformed lives.

This workshop gives an overview of The Alexander Technique, which offers a revolutionary approach to finding your natural balance, seeing the connection between your thinking and movement, and creating change in your life. When complemented by Pavanmuktasana, which has the ability to rehabilitate your joints more efficiently than most practices, you’ll find that Joyful Movement can transform your mind and body.

Hope Mell draws on her three decades of study and experience, guiding you through an easy approach to change.


Hope is really an amazing teacher! Her teaching comes directly from her own experience of physical pain, and her decades of Alexander Technique practices have helped her—as well as many other students—relieve suffering. Moreover, she always brings authentic joyfulness to the class so that everyone will be playing with their bodies and joints. And through the laughs and fun, all pains will automatically be relieved. — Ray

Right off the bat, Hope identified the issue [I had with walking] since my hip arthritis has gotten so bad. It is such a relief to walk normally again! Every now and then I catch myself slipping back into my awkward flatfoot walk, but I immediately feel the difference and make a correction. — Beth

My experience was more than I could have “Hope”d for! I came in thinking I would learn how to move more freely; which I did. But the extra special touch for me was a spiritual and esoteric layer that opened me to be more free and happy. — Donna Davis
It was a wonderful weekend—Hope Mell is so gifted and I learned more than I expected. I also met some interesting people. I look forward to a return trip. — Wey Lowenthel

A wonderful weekend of body awareness, fun, and a joyful look at how the body moves—and how to enjoy it. — Peter Lowenthel

During the workshop I was able to discover my body in ways I hadn’t before. I learned how to properly stretch my muscles. I felt free and One with myself. I am very happy with my training at Yogaville. — Shana Jiminez


Hope Mell, RYT 500, ATT
Hope Mell’s passion and purpose is helping people find freedom in their bodies—freedom of movement and movement without pain. She found Integral Yoga in 1967 and began her studies with Sri Swami Satchidananda. She was certified to teach Integral Yoga Hatha in 1974. Marjorie Barstow came into Hope’s life in 1979, who taught her The Alexander Technique. She was certified to teach by the Alexander Alliance in Philadelphia in 1988. Hope earned her certification as a Structural Yoga Therapy teacher in 2005. For three decades, she has refined her skills and developed an approach that combines the powers of Yoga and…
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