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Check-in: 4 – 6 pm
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Discount: 10% OFF tuition when attending both Laugha Yoga Certification and Laugha Yoga Teacher Training in succession

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Laugha Yoga 4-Day Teacher Certification

with Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT

October 7 - 10, 2018

In this 4-day Laugha Yoga Teacher Certification, you will be trained and qualified to certify other Laugha Yoga Leaders.

Laugha Yoga is an ancient new idea of combining the practices of Yoga with prolonged intentional laughter. This combination is extremely potent and therapeutic.

Attend this four-day certification and receive all the instruction, materials (including a teacher’s manual), and experience you will need to begin training other Laugha Yoga Leaders to successfully run their own Laugha Yoga Leader Certification programs.

Presenter Interview

Learn to instruct other Laugha Yoga leaders in how to:

  • Fully bring core Yoga teachings into their own laughter sessions
  • Expand their professional skills to include corporate training and educational settings with adults and children
  • Find the resources to increase and enhance your personal practice and train others to lead Laugha Yoga Leader Certifications
  • Bring knowledge of the medical benefits, and contemporary research, to your students’ awareness such as helping alleviate anxiety and depression, anti-aging and stress
  • Lead their own Laughing Yoga Training group sessions with increased communication skills and teamwork
  • Instruct solo and partner sessions, releasing maximum stress and tension

As a Laugha Yoga Teacher you will expand your practice to include your own laughter skills and have time and support to perfect your own style.

Join the exciting field of Laugha Yoga, and become certified to train and certify others to be leaders of Laugha Yoga sessions locally and internationally.

10% OFF tuition
when attending both 3-Day Laugha Yoga Leader Certification and 4-Day Laugha Yoga Teacher Certification in succession

Certification Information


Laugha Yoga Leader Certification.

Continuing Education Opportunity

  • Yoga Alliance (YA): Approximately 18 training hours
  • Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) can provide you a CE certificate of your program’s total contact hours. For more information, email [email protected]

Watch Laugha Yoga on CBS News

Fitness Magazine declared laughter as one of the 5 top priorities for a healthy lifestyle. “Laughter RX: At least 30 minutes every day…could chase away the blues.” And quoting Hinduism Today, about the founder of 150 laughing clubs in India,”…the good doctor has popularized ancient Yoga breathing and posture that exercises all 32 facial muscles… opens the breathing, builds self-confidence and even alleviates high blood pressure and arthritis.”

Well, most of us already felt that laughter was very good for us without it being scientifically proven. We just knew it! But, it is nice to have science prove that such a simple practice, regularly undertaken, can have such wonderful benefits.

Read an article by Bharata in Hektoen International Journal published by the Hektoen Institute of Medicine about how medical science is discovering the how laughter can be very beneficial to the overall health of people.


The Laugha Yoga Teacher training expanded my knowledge beyond my leader certification. It helped me understand what is expected of a teacher, and deepened my understanding of Laughing Yoga.— Peter Topkis

This training was amazing! Bharata is so knowledgable and welcoming. He was the main reason I came back for the second certification! Please convince him to hold a “continuing ed” program for laugha leaders so that we have another program to attend! — Lindsay Carroll

Thanks to this experience and Bharata, laughter has become the most valuable tool I have professionally to ease and facilitate communication, personally to keep myself focused and joyful. It has helped me process the world and arrive in a joyful, productive frame of mind. —  Marilyn Caskey


Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT
Bharata is a long-time student of A Course in Miracles, having worked with it daily since 1980. A Laughter Ambassador, he has trained hundreds of Laugha Yoga Leaders and led thousands of people through Laugha Yoga® sessions, a philosophy of spontaneous Self liberation. He was trained and certified in laughter Yoga by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the world-wide laughter clubs. For thirteen years he produced and hosted a television program, A Course in Miracles Study Group, which was distributed in the US and abroad. While conducting numerous programs and workshops, he authored the book, An Ancient New Idea: A Primer on…
Learn more about Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT

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