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Blissful Bhajans: The Art of Chanting and Yoga

with Shankari Goldstein, RYT 500

August 11 - 13, 2017

It’s only love. That is what we must tell ourselves to truly tap into the power of Bhakti Yoga. Join Shankari on a journey to discover the depths of chanting, its vibrations, and the effects of it on your entire being. You can chant in any language, but the power, meaning, and purpose of Sanskrit chanting can be profound. During this blissful weekend workshop, you will explore bhajans, contemplation, and witnessing techniques to balance energy. Build the skills to truly step into your soul power.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the ancient path of Bhakti Yoga
  • Experience bhajans (devotional songs)
  • Enjoy group chanting
  • Understand the power of “call and response”
  • Open the heart center through Vinyasa Yoga techniques
  • Experience deep relaxation and journaling
  • Learn visualization techniques to center the mind


My time with Shankari during her workshop was a gift filled with community, love, and song. She brings an energy of compassion and grace to the practice of Yoga that lingers long after she’s gone. It’s been a special honor to share her music with my Yoga students and I look so forward to the next time I get to share the fruits of this magical Yoga journey with her again. — Robin Simmons Blackwell

Sheer Power! My energy is still buzzing two weeks after a Weekend of Bliss Workshop with Shankari. I felt as if she had brought Yogaville to Charlotte, NC. I was mesmerized, I cried, I felt the Kali, Durga, and Lakshmi within me, within the 30+ women of all colors. We were a tribe, singing, breathing, dharma talking, and my favorite, Active Resting! I will continue to support and visit Yogaville on the strength of her goddess essence. — Keisha Battles

My second trip to Yogaville afforded me a chance to hear Shankari’s story and connection to Swami Satchidananda. Her story brought us all to tears. And my most recent workshop with her to learn about Bhakti Yoga has yet again been life changing. Shankari has a deep love for this practice and shares in a way that touches your soul. — Christy Ross Lee

Shankari’s Yoga classes and workshops simply strike through your heart. It opened my eyes to what I can deeply experience inside. During the class she is very observant and gives full attention to the students needs. She is authentic and her teachings come from her own practice and from her heart. It is a pure pleasure to be in her class. I learned a lot and also enjoyed every single moment of her powerful teachings. — Mari Malati Kurashvili


Shankari Goldstein, RYT 500
Shankari has been on a journey of self discovery and universal connection since 2009. Trained in the lineage of Integral Yoga, she understands the need to invoke the six paths of Yoga, not only for herself, but also for her students. She is also certified in Adaptive Yoga and Yoga of Recovery. She has served for the last four years as director of Group Visitor Services at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, and spent three years serving on the Yogaville Leadership Team. Shankari has spent years connecting to breath, body, strength, movement, and energy to create her own style of Hatha Yoga and…
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