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Find Your Center: Full Moon Retreat

with Integral Yoga Senior Staff

January 25 - 28, 2024

Join us for a down-to-earth retreat where you can harness the full moon’s energy alongside like-minded individuals. Step away from the routines of daily life to honor the auspicious energy of the Center Full Moon. The name “Center Moon” was originally used by the Assiniboine Native American people to denote the midpoint of winter, a time of balance and reflection. In this spirit, find your center, a point of equilibrium and inner harmony, during this nourishing weekend.

Throughout this retreat, you’ll learn practical yogic techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life. Learn about the significance of purnima (the full moon) and engage in full moon Yogic practices, including japa (mantra repetition) of the Gayatri Mantra—the ancient Vedic mantra for enlightenment—at the LOTUS shrine followed by silent meditation. Take home what you learn to enhance your well-being and inner harmony.

Release and tune in to your heart space by chanting sacred mantras alongside Yogaville’s Kirtan community, and enjoy a community sound bath. Experience Sun and Moon salutations during a special hatha yoga class. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful space for reflection, expert guidance in Yoga practices, or a supportive community to enhance your personal practice, the Find Your Center Full Moon Retreat provides a strong foundation for self-discovery. It’s an opportunity to align yourself with the natural cycles and gain a deeper understanding of your inner self.

While you are here, take advantage of all that Yogaville offers:

  • Delicious plant-based organic vegetarian meals
  • Group meditations
  • Hatha Yoga classes
  • Visits to the beautiful shrines located within Yogaville’s 750 acres
  • Access to extensive hiking and walking trails sprawling through the property

What to Expect

Integral Yoga promotes an easeful body, a peaceful mind, and a useful life. Developed by Sri Swami Satchidananda, the path of Integral Yoga uses every aspect of life as a stepping stone to one’s supreme goal—lasting happiness and inner peace. The practices of Integral Yoga, including pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation, and Hatha Yoga, will help you to realize the peace which is your own true nature.

Sadhana (practice) refers to any spiritual exercise that is aimed at progressing the aspirant toward the ultimate expression of their life. When done intentionally, everything can be sadhana—the way you think, move, eat, and interact with others.

Since 1970, Integral Yoga Retreats have provided the sanctuary and solace everyone needs from time to time. Surrounded by a serene woodland landscape, Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville serves as an ideal environment for rest and relaxation while teachers offer experiential classes in Yoga philosophy, meditation, breathing techniques, Yoga postures, and deep relaxation.


During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to seek support and clarification from senior Integral Yoga instructors.

Private mentoring is also available.

All Are Welcome

These retreats are open to everyone, from beginners to advanced Yoga retreatants. Those who are new to meditation or Yoga practices will receive full instruction, while those with experience will have the opportunity to deepen their practice.


I love how easy it is to block out the noise at Yogaville. Opportunities for meditation, Yoga, chanting and kirtan abound and for that I am grateful. I expanded my knowledge and have taken home so many little nuggets of information and advice to improve and maintain my meditation and Yoga practice at home. I am already seeing the shift in how it affects me at work and with my family and most importantly myself. I had gotten the opportunity to do this program last year and I absolutely loved everything about it. I 100% got what I came for and more. Kirtan and chanting allowed me to learn about a new way to find peace and balance. I had done both before but at Yogaville it clicked! I loved it and coming a second time so close to the last I was able to focus on different things since everything wasn’t new. The nature walk with Bhakti was undeniably amazing and she was stupendous. I loved all the presenters. Mataji was a present! And I am thankful to have been able to listen to her twice. As well as the happy gentleman that did the meditation talk on Friday morning. I cannot wait to come back. — Elissa Dinsmore

I feel that I’ve been blowing in the wind, and now, after the retreat, I feel grounded. I found morning meditations and hearing from swamis and staff the most valuable. The Hatha classes were all wonderful and the presenters were incredible. This experience was profound for me. I’m going home with tangible wisdom and with my cup full. — Past Participant

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