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  • $140.00 – Program Price

Date & Time Details: Live Sessions with Sampada
Saturday, Dec. 3
9:30 am–12 pm and 2–5 pm
Sunday, Dec. 4
9:30 am–12 pm

Live Event: The main program sessions are live and all sessions are in ET. The live sessions will be recorded and posted to the Online Programs access page if you are unable to join us live for that session. Recordings* are usually posted within one day and are available to program participants and presenter(s) only.
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*You will have access to the video recordings for 8 weeks after the program ends.

Registration: Please register by 5 pm on Dec. 2

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Release Unhealthy Perfectionism and Embrace Your Worthiness – Online

with Sampada Desai, M.A., LPC, NCC, E-RYT 500, CLL/CLTT

December 3 - 4, 2022

It is our birthright to live joyously, yet too many are bound by the chains of maladaptive perfectionism. At the root of this epidemic are irrational beliefs about success and failure, fear of making mistakes, approval-seeking, and deep-seated unworthiness. Unhealthy perfectionism drains energy and reduces happiness, and, if unchecked, may cause chronic procrastination, anxiety, and depression. With her wisdom, experience and playfulness, Sam will lovingly teach ways to release and transform maladaptive perfectionism to healthy perfectionism. Embrace your inherent worthiness through mindful activities that generate unconditional self-regard, relaxation, laughter, and peace.


  • Learn about the difference between maladaptive and adaptive perfectionism
  • Learn skills to transform maladaptive perfectionism to healthy perfectionism
  • Explore your relationship to making mistakes; examine your fear of making mistakes
  • Learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes; see mistakes as growth opportunities
  • Examine your beliefs about success and failure and learn to release the irrational ones
  • Examine your relationship with yourself and how that affects your life
  • Learn to love and celebrate your imperfect self and develop unconditional positive regard
  • Generate self-acceptance and inner joy through mindfulness activities that involve reflection, changing perspective, deep breathing, laughter meditation, positive imagery, heartfelt movement, and deep relaxation

This workshop is perfect for: those wanting to live joyfully without the suffering from maladaptive perfectionism; approval seekers with unrealistic standards for self and/or others; those fearful of making mistakes; those who suffer from unworthiness that leads to feeling flawed; those who are unaccepting of imperfection — their own or that of others; those who want to help others live joyfully.

Live sessions on Saturday at 9:30 am–12 pm and 2–5 pm, and Sunday at 9:30 am–12 pm ET.

You will have access to the video recordings for 8 weeks after the program ends, until January 29, 2023.

In addition, you will have access to recorded Integral Hatha Yoga classes, meditations, and inspiring talks with Swami Satchidananda. You will also have access to an online social community to connect and communicate with other participants about this course.

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Sam was a wise and compassionate presenter. She led us to create a safe space for sharing. The intellectual information was coupled with physical practice which truly equipped us to do more than learn self-compassion —we embodied it. Now we can go on and practice it. — Maureen Shanahan Anderson

I really appreciated Sam’s down-to-earth style. Also, she practices what she preaches —just laughing light-heartedly when a slide froze. She covered a lot of useful material while still allowing us to share and connect. Most importantly, the concepts covered in the class are priceless. Worth taking again. — Kimberly Lynn Boss


Sampada Desai, M.A., LPC, NCC, E-RYT 500, CLL/CLTT
Licensed Professional Counselor and Experienced Yoga Teacher Sam is a licensed professional counselor with over thirty years of clinical experience in various settings such as a health organization, schools, universities, and a mental health agency. She is the founder of Desai Counseling and Yoga and the proud developer of a 2-day Choose Laughter certification program. Sam is highly skilled at integrating Western and Eastern wellness practices. As an experienced Integral Yoga teacher, she has an uncanny awareness and knowledge of how Yoga supports mental health. Sam skillfully weaves in mindfulness practices of physical asanas, meditation, positive visualization, relaxation skills, and…
Learn more about Sampada Desai, M.A., LPC, NCC, E-RYT 500, CLL/CLTT

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