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with Satya Greenstone, E-RYT 500

shutterstock_281695925 @650 The goal of meditation is to realize the True Self, which is felt when you awake to your True Nature—a state of permanent peace and happiness. Meditation is the portal to this experience.

The Yoga practices you’ll explore in this weekend are designed to bring a state of equanimity and balance. Each has a unique purpose of either preparing you for or deepening your meditation experience, with the objective of establishing or strengthening a regular, meaningful meditation practice:

  • Asana: physical postures to keep the body supple and strong, reduce tension, and to establish a comfortable meditation posture
  • Pranayama: breathing practices to regulate energy and thoughts
  • Mantra Japa: Mantra repetition that stimulates focus and love
  • Yoga Nidra: Relaxation to calm the mind and body
  • Restorative Poses for breath awareness and relaxation
  • Meditation techniques that ease mental obstacles


I feel renewed and inspired. Thank you to Satya for the wonderful workshop and to Yogaville for providing the opportunity. — Elizabeth McGonagle

Satya held such a large healing and supportive space for us. She teaches from the heart and leads me to my heart while “sneaking” lots of “academia” in under the radar. When you fully show up, and sometimes just barely at that, you’re blessed with knowledge, support, and growth. — Past Participant

Satya gets two thumbs up and five stars. She is approachable, friendly, caring, available, and genuine. Her love and knowledge of Gurudev’s teachings are apparent and appreciated. — Past Participant

Official time for check-in: 4 pm and check-out: 2 pm 

About the Instructor

Satya Greenstone Yoga EnhanceSatya Greenstone has been a student of Sri Swami Satchidananda and teacher of Integral Yoga for over forty-five years. She shares the teachings of Integral Yoga in many diverse settings with students of all ages and backgrounds. She combines a natural, practical, down to earth approach to Yoga with a gentle humor. First and foremost she is a yogini, and her teaching is an extension of the experience gained from her yoga practice.

She gently adapts the Yoga practices to individual needs and always finds a way to encourage and inspire her students. She is a primary teacher for the Basic and Intermediate level Integral Yoga Teacher Training Programs.