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with Gabriel Halpern

Yoga Chikitsa and this weekend appeals to teachers and apprentices, and teacher trainees who are committed to their personal growth in order to better serve their students. Gabriel will show how to body sight (read the anatomy to evaluate what is going on) and then choose poses and sequences that heal. The weekend is also invaluable to serious practitioners wishing to learn more about their own chronic aches and pains as well as students who want to address issues that practice of asanas always drum up. Whether as a teacher or a student, basic training in the craft of yoga has to include therapeutic modifications for the variety of ailments and conditions that show up in every class and in every type of anatomy and age.  First comes relief and then comes correction of structural misalignments. Each class, attendees will bring their problems to the mat.

Through yoga therapy and the effective use of props, traction, hands-on adjustments, and personal modifications the innovation and creativity of yoga flourishes.  Four modules on neck and shoulders, hips and knees, low back pain, and immune system strengthening will be demonstrated, instructed, and practiced with partners.  Specific issues like frozen shoulder, meniscus tears, scoliosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome will be addressed among many others. Participants are expected to bring their own personal problems as well as inquires about problems their students are having to be addressed.

“I lost my lower left leg in May 2012 and my right big toe in Jan. 2013.  Taking yoga with Gabriel has helped my balance, flexibility, and most all, confidence.  His methods are Godsends and his humor and knowledge has you doing things you never dreamt!”  –John Finerty

“A life changing class. Increased strength, range of movement, balance, and flexibility.  My posture as improved, as has my gait.  Being a Parkinson’s patient, Gabriel’s class has helped me stay ahead of this disease. I have made a commitment on yoga based on the benefits received.” –Dick Myers

“I have come to the therapeutic class with a number of different physical problems.  Gabriel has addressed each in a very professional and helpful way. I am grateful for his advice and expertise.”  –Gloria Fletcher

“Gabriel’s class saved my back and changed my life.  He has been and continues to be an ongoing motivation.”  –George Eastman

“After abdominal surgery I was told I could “never do” my favorite yoga poses.  So I quit, completely believing what I was told. After five months in Gabriel’s Restorative class, he transformed my historical “no” into a total possibilities. My whole spiritual process is supported in his class.  Friends and family comment on how different I stand and its true.” –Chris Flowers

Yoga Chikitsa Yoga Therapy-Alignment as Enlightenment at Yogaville

Gabriel Halpern holds degrees in philosophy and health psychology and is a long time member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  In 1985 he founded the Yoga Circle in Chicago, which he still directs. Gabriel knows first hand what it is to live with pain and bounce back with zest for life. Suffering from a broken vertebra at age 15, his life journey has been dedicated to the pursuit of Yoga and its therapeutic applications. Owing to the direct influence of BKS Iyengar and 40 + years of personal practice, Gabriel has learned the difference between actual and perceived limitations, knowledge he passes along to those who study with him. Add to that twenty-five years of work as a university professor at De Paul’s Theater Conservatory and that puts him in touch with the pulse of creative young people.  His is well known as an accomplished vegetarian chef, guitar player, song writer, sacred dance leader, men’s group facilitator, and a stand up comic.  His teaching is all that is yoga:  zeal in practice, art form, science, worldview, life style and mystical mentoring.

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