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with Amrita Sandra McLanahan, M.D., Sosie Hublitz

shutterstock_54667543 @650This mid-winter pick-me-up retreat will add a heap of sunshine to your season. You’ll explore how Yoga and food choices can work for you, helping you to glow from the inside out with a healthy diet.

In this retreat, Dr. Amrita McLanahan, Yogaville’s celebrated integrative medical practitioner, author of Surgery and its Alternatives and Sosie Hublitz, a nationally recognized chef, will discuss a healthy diet and how to improve your health from within using yoga, meal strategies, and plant-based foods.

Dr. Amrita will share how to begin and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle throughout the year, and  master Chef Sosie Hublitz will show you joyful and easy ways to add superfoods and spices to your life. You’ll learn new recipes for healthy living, discover the most life-giving foods, and find inspiration for your own cooking style!

Enjoy this retreat as a gift to yourself, so you can bring joy to yourself and your family—while being an inspiration to others.


Dr. Amrita is my favorite presenter…WOW!!! She is so full of knowledge and understanding. I could listen to her for hours and hours!! Her sense of humor is a bonus!!—Gigi

Official times for check-in: 4 pm and check-out: 2 pm

About the Presenters

Food for ThoughtDr. Amrita McLanahan is a nationally recognized authority on preventive medicine, nutrition, and stress reduction. As a Director of Stress Management Training at the Preventative Medicine Research Institute for the past twenty years, she worked with Dr. Dean Ornish to document prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer. She is the author of Surgery and its Alternatives and medical consultant for Dr. Yoga.


Susie HublitzSosie Hublitz is a professional chef, nutritionist, and restaurateur, experienced in the development and teaching recovery diet recipes and programs for those with the desire to take their body to new levels of balance, including weight management, medical challenges, and overall health maintenance. She focuses on individuals and lifestyles, integrating healing properties of food as medicine. Sosie’s approach to cooking lessons is filled with levity and allows for easy, playful instruction that turns healthy eating into a powerful and transforming experience.