Kirtan is the chanting of divine sounds or names.

The following is from the Integral Yoga Kirtan Booklet as taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda

Kirtan at YogavilleThroughout the ages individuals have sought to realize the spirit within through music and sound vibration. This practice can be found in many of the world’s faiths and tradition. Generations of ancient and modern Yogis have also developed this practice, calling it Kirtan and using the Sanskrit language.

Chanting can be seen as an expression of the yearning of the devotee to commune with the Divine. It can be done as a joyful song of praise or as a calling out for protection and guidance. Chanting done in a devotional manner is transformative; it lifts the emotions and fills the heart with pure love.

Kirtan is primarily a devotional practice, but there is a subtle science underlying its effectiveness. While in deep meditation, Yogis in tune with the higher spiritual reality have experienced occult sounds. Each of these sound vibrations, called mantras, corresponds to a particular form or quality of the Divine. By repeating these mantras to oneself, or through chanting them aloud, one can experience greater health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Chanting calms the nerves purifies the emotions and opens the heart. It elevates the mind, preparing one for silent mantra repetition and mediation. It is a joyful practice leading to God-realization.


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