Yogic Diet

To keep our bodies and minds pure and fit for meditation, harmonious interactions, and service, Integral Yogis follow a nutritious vegetarian diet. To honor animal life and to maintain optimal health, we refrain from eating meat, poultry, fish or eggs, and use organic dairy products in moderation. As much as possible, we use organic produce.

Before eating meals, we offer a prayer of gratitude to Mother Nature for providing us with food. We strive to eat consciously and moderately. Following a vegetarian diet applies for Ashramites on and off grounds.

Learn how to prepare a delicious and healthy food

Explore vegetarian cooking and kitchen procedures through hands-on experience while immersing in the Integral Yoga teachings and practices.

Discover our favorite vegetarian recipes: Almond dressing, delicious gluten-free bread, vegan chickpea tuna salad and more!

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