Chains: A Poem by Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder

Wisdom   |   September 10, 2018  |    Krtajña Kerby


By Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder


These chains that we create are just an illusion. Yes, that happened… and perhaps this will be. But NOW is reality and it’s all that we have. Every tumble, every fall, every step, every leap has led to our ability to now FLY.

I release the heaviness as I open to the tejas of Now.

Every bone in my body and every ounce of my soul Aches for the light that comes with freedom… casting away that which no longer serves (even if it once had)…

These chains that embraced me were false, comforting arms whispering to my heart that they knew best.

They were wrong.

And now I know.

Goodbye illusions… farewell false hope. My mind is CLEAR. My heart is STRONG, and I SMILE as I now see you are separate from me. Goodbye chains.

WE are free.


This poem was originally published on Tara’s blog. Click here to read more of her creative offerings.

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